Best Work Locations for Hybrid and Remote Workers

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The Covid-19 pandemic forced much of the workforce out of traditional office spaces for months on end. As we enter the post-pandemic era, many employers and employees alike are keen to keep the remote work trend going. In fact, according to Forbes, 98% of full-time workers surveyed in 2023 said they would like to work remotely at least part time. With at in mind, it’s safe to say remote work is here to stay.

Who are Remote and Hybrid Workers?

Some workers are considered fully remote, meaning they never go into an office, while others follow a hybrid model. Hybrid workers divide their time between the office and remote work locations. This allows them to enjoy many of the benefits of remote work, while maintaining a physical connection to the office.

Remote and hybrid work styles are most popular with workers between the ages of 24 and 35, as well as with those who have completed higher levels of education. In 2024, the top industries for remote work will include IT, marketing, accounting and finance, project management, medical and health, HR and recruiting, and customer service.

What are the Benefits and Challenges of Remote and Hybrid Work?

In a recent survey conducted by Indeed, workers identified a wide range of benefits to remote and hybrid work. These included saving time and money, not commuting, better work/life balance, and higher productivity. Similarly, employers have found that allowing remote and hybrid work improves morale, attracts top talent, and reduces costs, turnover, and absenteeism.

However, remote and hybrid work comes with challenges as well. The survey also identified a number of drawbacks, including decreased collaboration, lack of camaraderie, and less access to leadership. Remote work also requires a high level of self-discipline, and can leave workers feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and disengaged.

What are the Best Remote Work Locations?

One way to combat some of the challenges of remote and hybrid work is to get out of the house. Many public places now allow remote workers, and trying out new locations can be a great way to switch things up.

Here are some of the best remote work locations for 2024.

1. Libraries

Quiet and well lit, libraries typically offer free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, cubicles, and an abundance of research materials. They also have private rooms available for calls and meetings.

2. Coffee shops

Coffee shops often have a lively atmosphere and plenty of table space to set up shop with your favorite drink. They are a great place for informal meetings or independent work.

3. Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces offer desks and cubicles for rent, as well as meeting rooms and other collaborative spaces. Wi-Fi and electricity are provided. Day passes and monthly memberships are usually available.

4. College campuses

Community college and university campuses often have free Wi-Fi, libraries, and food courts, as well as private study rooms. Pro tip, make sure to research parking options prior to arrival.

5. Airport lounges

Airport lounges usually include Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, and comfortable seating, as well as amenities like bars or buffets. Frequent flyer miles or membership status may be required to gain entry.

6. Parks or public courtyards

Public courtyards are typically located near restaurants, shops, and government buildings, and park benches or tables can make a great outdoor workspace. A smartphone or hotspot may be needed for Wi-Fi.

7. Malls

Malls often include food courts and multipurpose rooms for public use. They also have heating and air conditioning, and can be a great place to walk during breaks.

8. Hotels or resorts

Hotels and resorts have rooms, suites, and conference rooms, as well as lounges, restaurants, and cafes that can be used as workspaces. Amenities like pools, spas, and golf courses are also available to entertain colleagues or clients.

9. Gyms

Gyms often have co-working or social spaces available for members to use between workout sessions. A membership is usually required.

10. Museums and galleries

Many museums and galleries offer a quiet, inspirational setting that’s ideal for focused, independent tasks. Most require an annual subscription, but keep an eye out for free admission days.

Other ideas for remote work locations include bookstores, community centers, and rented office space. Just make sure to consider cost, Wi-Fi access, privacy, comfort, and noise level when picking a spot. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit. With so many options to choose from, remote and hybrid workers no longer have to stay home.

Acer Technology for Remote and Hybrid Workers

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