Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Europe (2024)


Is your 2024 New Year’s resolution to be a digital nomad? Look no further - in this list, we’ve compiled the best digital nomad cities in Europe. In 2024, these cities will provide digital nomads with the best opportunities to network and connect while taking advantage of all Europe has to offer. They also include some of the easiest countries to move to from outside of the EU. Let’s take a look! 

List of Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Europe (2024) 

1.  Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Though Ljubljana currently has a relatively small digital nomad population, don’t expect that to remain so for very long. The city has a population of around 280,000, which is just enough to ensure access to festivals and events while not feeling too crowded. In contrast to many other larger European cities, Ljubljana does not suffer from mass tourism issues, which can make life there feel more relaxing and authentic. 

Be advised, however, that Slovenia has no digital nomad visa and has not announced any plans to introduce one. However, citizens of the EU or EEA can, of course, work in Slovenia without restrictions, provided they register any stay over three months.

2. Braga, Portugal 

Braga, located in the interior of northern Portugal some 30 miles from Porto, is a hidden gem. Its location creates a pleasant climate year round, great for those who want to take of advantage of climbing, biking, and hiking in the area. Braga is also a good deal more affordable than other locations in Portugal, which is great for digital nomads on a budget.

If Braga interests you, you can consider the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa, which among other requirements stipulates a monthly income of at least €3,040 (~$3359).

3. Cologne, Germany 

Cologne, Germany, is known around Germany for its celebrations. Both its Carnival and Pride festivals are among the largest events in Germany, making Cologne a lively place to be. 

Plus, as the 4th largest city in Germany, Cologne offers all of the connectivity and synergy of a large city without the high costs of Berlin or Munich. Its location is also ideal for those who want to travel Europe, as Cologne is located within an hour of both France and the Netherlands.

4. Aarhus, Denmark 

Aarhus, Denmark’s second city, is a place full of cultural attractions. Its charming old town, Den Gamle By, is an open-air museum that preserves the history of Danish market towns. The city’s art museum, ARoS, offers a world-class selection within an architectural masterpiece.

The only major downside to the city is perhaps its cost. Aarhus is not for those looking for a European city that’s easy on the wallet. 

5. Bilbao, Spain 

Bilbao is the largest city of the Basque Country, an autonomous community of Spain. As is obvious from the region’s name, it holds a distinct regional identity that has its roots in centuries of geographical isolation from the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. The indigenous Basque language, indeed, is a language isolate with no known relatives in Europe or elsewhere.

This uniqueness is reflected in the city’s singular architecture and gastronomy: the Guggenheim Museum is a world-renowned architectural achievement, and after you try pintxos (somewhat like Basque-style tapas), you’ll be hooked on the city. 

6. Warsaw, Poland 

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, boasts a growing digital nomad community. Having been destroyed by multiple wars, it has risen from the ashes to become the thriving city it is today. Now, Warsaw is home to a wide range of charming cultural attractions, like the UNESCO World Heritage site of Old Town and the Royal Castle, that make it a fascinating place to live. 

Though Poland does not offer a specific digital nomad visa, it does have a Freelance Visa with somewhat more stringent requirements.

7. Budapest, Hungary 

Budapest, Hungary, though often overlooked by digital nomads, may become more popular in 2024. One reason for this is its relatively affordability compared to parts of Europe. Despite being centrally located on the continent, the Hungarian capital has rents well below those of larger, more well-known European cities. 

Besides its affordability, however, Budapest has a lot to offer. Its Szechenyi baths are among the most splendid thermal baths in Europe, and attractions like the Parliament Building and St. Stephen’s Basilica remain captivating for locals and tourists alike.

Hungary also has its own digital nomad visa! It requires, among other things, a monthly salary above €2000. 

8. Prague, Czech Republic 

Prague, known for the fairy tale charms of its Old Town, is set to become a major digital nomad destination in 2024. Besides its obvious cultural amenities, Prague has a lot of the practical infrastructure needed for digital nomad life. Its wifi is fast and plentiful, being available in practically every bar, restaurant, and cafe in the city, and even on the trams. Plus, the city offers many different options for cafes and working spaces that are friendly to digital nomads.

The Czech Republic also offers a freelancer visa with slightly more strict requirements than the average digital nomad visa.

9. Utrecht, Netherlands 

Utrecht, the fourth-largest city in the Netherlands, is a great choice for digital nomads looking for a more authentic experience. Given its central location between other Dutch cities, Utrecht offers fantastic transport links, which means you can really get to know the country during your time there.

Utrecht also offers fast Wi-Fi and a wide selection of cafes and co-working spaces. In any case, if you arrive and find Utrecht is not to your liking, you have several other Dutch cities at your doorstep to explore. 

10. Montpellier, France

Montpellier, previously a hidden gem, may make its way up in the rankings in 2024. Located on the Mediterranean coast, it’s a great option for digital nomads looking for relaxed beachside ambience. It has also, however, held the title of “Tech City” since 2014, showing that Montpellier is a top destination for both business and leisure.


If you’ve wondered how to be a digital nomad in Europe, 2024 is your perfect opportunity to try. There are many cities in Europe suitable to digital nomads, so which ones are right for you depend on your preferences. Though not all European countries have digital nomad visas, there are many that do and continue to welcome talent from around the world. 

Matthew is a freelance content writer whose work has previously appeared in well-known language-learning blog Fluent in 3 Months and The Happy Self-Publisher. His creative work has also appeared in Otoliths, CafeLit, and the Eunoia Review. He is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan, where he is studying for a master's degree in Chinese Literature.



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