Overcoming Obstacles in Coding Education Using GitHub Education

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Coding is an important skill for the modern education system, teaching children to give instructions to computers using a specific language. As more and more people find jobs in the tech industry, learning how to code has never been more crucial. Nowadays, many schools have incorporated coding classes into their curriculums and use game-based learning platforms like Minecraft to teach children the art of coding. GitHub Education lets students, teachers, and schools access informative learning events, training materials, and realistic tools to create the next generation of software developers. It provides a practical way to work with others and the tools required to develop a portfolio of real-life experience. GitHub Education gives students and teachers valuable learning opportunities to expand their coding knowledge in real-world settings. 

How can students overcome obstacles in coding education using GitHub Education?

Coding education is a relatively new phenomenon. GitHub eases the learning process for students, helping them pick up coding skills in fun and practical ways.

1. GitHub Student Development Pack

The GitHub Student Developer Pack offers a range of developer tools designed to teach students new coding-related skills. GitHub has teamed up with partner companies to offer free developer tools to students.  Tools such as Aspiring Creatives give students a platform to develop their design and collaboration skills while showcasing their creative endeavors. 

2. GitHub Global Campus

In addition, GitHub Global Campus equips current students with valuable insight into building portfolios and networking. GitHub Global Campus includes access to the GitHub Education Community, industry tools used by career developers, and other useful events and content. Using GitHub for school projects provides practical experience and portfolio building for students looking to embark on a coding-related career. Real-life insight from industry professionals is invaluable and helps students get a headstart on their career path. 

3. GitHub Campus Expert Program

The GitHub Campus Expert Program helps students build the tech community at their schools through specialized mentorship, training, and support. Campus Experts are student leaders who want to share valuable coding skills, building inclusive environments for everybody to learn and exchange. Experts lead in-person and online events, conferences, meetups, and hackathons for others to enjoy.

4. GitHub Octernships

Students are also invited to undertake an Octernship, GitHub’s exclusive paid internship program. Successful GitHub interns will join the professional team at the company headquarters in San Francisco, getting direct experience from the source. Octernships, focusing on the skills they develop and the career opportunities they provide. Octernships allow interns to kickstart their tech careers, letting them jump in the deep end by working on real industry projects while facilitating the transition to tech.

How can teachers overcome obstacles in coding education using GitHub Education?

Students are not the only ones who benefit from GitHub Education. Teachers can also learn valuable information and skills designed to expand their knowledge and become better coding educators. 

1. GitHub Classroom

With GitHub Classroom, teachers can easily distribute assignments, review code, and provide insightful feedback to students. GitHub Classroom streamlines the management and organization of classes, giving teachers greater control over their grading and other tasks. Using GitHub, teachers can view individual performance in group work and identify which students require additional assistance. Getting started has never been easier with informative GitHub Classroom video tutorials.

2. Campus Advisors Program

The GitHub Campus Advisors Program comprises a group of teachers who are passionate about teaching with GitHub. Campus Advisors stems from a self-paced training program designed to help 272 teachers from 50 countries learn how to use GitHub to benefit students. The goal is to build and support a community of teachers willing to share their knowledge and create the next generation of coding experts. That is a big ask, so GitHub has prepared a Teacher Toolbox packed with resources to assist teachers. Targeted GitHub swag and tools like cheat sheets and Markdown guides are available to ease the load for teachers, helping them effectively lead classrooms via the same tools used by professional developers. 

3. GitHub Education for schools

The GitHub Campus Program aims to integrate industry-standard tools into school curriculums across all departments. This program is entirely free and includes a comprehensive package of tools, training for faculty members, and targeted support designed to cultivate technical communities on campus. With the GitHub Campus Program, students can experience the tools they will use in future development roles, putting them at the forefront of industry trends and job opportunities. 

Acer technology aids the GitHub Education ecosystem

The Acer TravelMate B5 14" is an excellent choice for students using GitHub Education for learning and teaching code. Its range of outstanding features, including the Core i3 SKU, makes it the perfect companion for building the GitHub Education ecosystem.

1. High-resolution display

A high-resolution display makes it possible for students to view code, helping them spot errors and understand the structure of their projects. The Acer TravelMate B5 14” features a 14-inch full HD (1920x1080) display, which lets students immerse themselves in the coding world and analyze their work without causing eye strain.

2. Long battery life

The Acer TravelMate B5 14” offers up to 7.5 hours of undisturbed battery life, giving students one less thing to worry about while working on their projects. The device’s long battery life provides enough power to get through a day of classes on a single charge. 

3. Webcam and microphones

Online collaboration and communication with peers and teachers are made possible through an additional HDR camera. Moreover, the TravelMate B5 14” is built with student privacy in mind and is equipped with a webcam privacy shutter. Dual digital microphones also facilitate clear communication, which is a crucial part of the GitHub learning process.

4. Solid state drive

The TravelMate B5 14” comes with a 128 GB solid-state drive and can go up to 256 GB, providing speedy and reliable storage space for students to save their projects. When students wish to access projects, they can simply retrieve them from the device’s memory and continue working. 

5. Connectivity

Acer’s TravelMate B5 14” supports Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5, providing a reliable and fast internet connection for smooth online GitHub collaborations. After all, GitHub relies on the online exchange of ideas and knowledge from teachers and experts to inspire young minds.

6. Operating System

The device uses the Windows 11 Pro operating system, which is fully compatible with the tools and applications most commonly used by GitHub. 


GitHub Education addresses challenges in learning and teaching coding. This inspires young learners and creates a generation of tech-savvy adults ready to take on the coding and development industry. By offering valuable insight and experience, students can learn practical tips and methods from real-life experts. GitHub Education provides tools and materials for teachers and students to exchange ideas and become better coders. Aspiring coders and teachers can explore GitHub Education’s wealth of online materials and consider the Acer TravelMate B5 14" as their learning companion.

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