Best Alternatives to Google Chrome Browser in 2024

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The Google Chrome browser was released in 2008 and was named the most popular browser in 2023, with 62.85% of the world’s usage share. Around one in six web browser users enjoy Chrome’s benefits, like multiple profile log-ins, spell checking, dark mode, add-ons, and browser extensions. Despite its popularity and widespread usage, there are calls to ditch Chrome for other browsers. Chrome can be heavy on memory, dedicating as much RAM per tab as others do per browsing session. This can lead to memory bloat, slowing browsing speed, and causing an annoying lag. Moreover, Google is also said to give user privacy a backseat, especially with Chrome Incognito mode, a one-click solution for private browsing. Although Chrome Incognito forgets browsing history, cookies, and site data once the incognito window is closed, the IP address is still visible to websites, search engines, and network and internet service providers, meaning it may have limited privacy benefits for users. 

In this article, we list some of the top Chrome alternatives and browsers other than Google.  

1. Firefox 

Mozilla Firefox was released in 2002 to provide the best possible web browsing experience for users. Firefox boasts speed and quality while promising not to track users while they browse. The browser blocks social trackers and third-party tracking cookies that collect and potentially leak information, enhancing browsing speeds for users. Firefox offers these privacy benefits during normal browsing, giving users peace of mind without activating additional privacy settings. Alongside enhanced privacy, Firefox users can directly edit PDF documents and view their tabs and recent history on other devices. Download Firefox today to experience these benefits first-hand.

2. Brave 

Brave was launched in 2016, offering speed, privacy, and enhanced security features. The browser blocks ads and trackers by default, offering user protection from the start. Brave was designed with browsing speed in mind and is three times faster than Chrome, loading web pages quickly without unnecessary delays. The user-friendly browser is reliable and stable and enforces HTTPS browsing, meaning the data exchanged with websites is encrypted and more difficult for hackers to intercept and steal. One of Brave’s most unique privacy features is its built-in Tor integration function, making browsing harder to track by sending it through a series of encrypted nodes and concealing the user’s location. Although Brave does have some limitations, like its compatibility with Google services or its smaller number of browser extensions, it is a great alternative to Chrome. Join over 50 million users and download Brave today. 

3. Edge 

Edge is an AI-powered browser from Microsoft that offers high performance and security for users. Although there are many similarities between Chrome and Edge, there are some key differences that make it a viable Chrome alternative. Microsoft Edge is full of customization options, such as vertical and horizontal tabs for a cleaner browsing experience. Moreover, its Collections feature lets users save links, images, and copied sections of text into separate folders that can also be sent to other Microsoft applications like Excel and Docs. Edge also touts higher performance and more RAM efficiency than Chrome. Edge also offers an immersive reader function, turning pages into an e-book-style format to enhance reading. Try out these features by downloading the Microsoft Edge browser

4. Tor Browser 

Another Google Chrome alternative is the Tor Browser, which protects users from tracking, surveillance, and censorship. Tor Browser promotes privacy and anonymity by routing internet traffic through multiple servers to hide IP addresses. Using the Tor Browser lets users surf the web without revealing their location or identity, and offers additional features like NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere to maximize security. One downside is that the Tor Browser is optimized for privacy and not speed, meaning it may be slower than other browser alternatives. However, users who value privacy over other features and functions can download the Tor Browser

5. Opera 

The Opera Browser offers powerful privacy and security features that prioritize safety first. With tracking protection and a free VPN, the Opera browser provides automatic protection from phishing and crypto mining attempts without using up CPU and RAM. Opera also includes a built-in ad blocker to remove any unwanted advertisements. Furthermore, the Opera Browser enhances productivity with a battery-saver option and tab grouping for contextual browsing. Download the Opera Browser to experience speed and privacy in one. 

6. Arc Web Browser 

The Arc Web Browser is a sleek and adaptable browser that offers a fresh feel. With a vertical interface and swipe gestures, the Arc Web Browser feels more like a mini OS than a traditional browser. The browser tackles tab hoarding by archiving any unpinned tabs after 12 hours, maintaining a clean and swift user experience. Arc also offers a tab split-screen feature, letting users open new tabs in a split view for maximum efficiency. Users who are looking for a comprehensive browser with a twist can consider downloading Arc. 

7. Vivaldi 

Vivaldi is a lightweight browser that puts privacy over profits. It offers a swift and intuitive interface with additional built-in options and features for a truly customized experience. Vivaldi provides unbeatable tab management options through tab stacking, helping users find their desired information quickly and easily. It also comes with a built-in timer and productivity clock so that users can manage their work time without setting an additional alarm. Download Vivaldi today for user-friendly gimmicks that enhance the browsing experience.  

8. Ungoogled Chromium 

Ungoogled Chromium lets users enjoy the features of Chrome without the bulk, offering a faster and more efficient browser. It gives maximum privacy by letting users disable specific functions like the Google URL Tracker and Google Host Detector, and blocks internal Google requests at runtime. Ungoogled Chromium is an open-source project that is used and maintained by browser developers, and a more private alternative to Chrome. Those looking for an uncomplicated browser similar to Chrome can consider downloading Ungoogled Chromium


Google Chrome is one of the most well-known and popular browsers available. However, some questionable privacy policies and limited features mean that users are looking for an alternative Chrome browser. Here, we have listed 8 of the best alternatives to Chrome, packed with interesting features and enhanced privacy settings as standard. While Chrome remains a great browsing experience, users can consider branching out and trying other features and functions offered by alternative browsers.  

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