What is Lethal Company and Why is it the New Hype Game?

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As we near the end of 2023, some of you might be seeking fresh pastures, and looking for a new job, or career change. Well the good news is: The Company is hiring! Yes, before sending out more job applications, take a minute to consider Lethal Company? Well, it may not be an actual company, but this indie horror game has become a massive hit with gamers worldwide and has even attained the enviable title of top-rated game on Steam this year. All this success after (early access) release at the end of October! Read on to find out all you need to know about this trending video game, before deciding for yourself if joining the Lethal Company is the right career move for you!

What is Lethal Company?

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of trending video games, chances are you’ll have heard of Lethal Company. If not, fear not, we’ve got you covered, so let’s clear up the important details first. The early access of Lethal Company was released on October 23, 2023 for Microsoft Windows, at a wallet friendly price of $9.99. At time of writing, the full release date is slated for the first half of 2024, meanwhile Lethal Company has become an instant hit, and is still soaring in popularity. 

Lethal Company is a first-person co-op horror game where players are tasked with scavenging scrap from abandoned industrialized moons to sell to The Company. More on the story later. First, let’s take a look at the developer behind Lethal Company. Zeekerss is the solo developer behind Lethal Company, yes, one person. Before creating Lethal Company on Unity Engine, this mysterious dev published several well received titles on Steam including It Steals (2020), Dead Seater (2021), and The Upturned (2022). With over 100,000 concurrent players, Lethal Company is receiving regular updates, to keep up to date with new developments, check out the latest from Zeekerss on X, where they regularly post.

Why is Lethal Company so popular? 

Lethal Company is a trending game right now. As we said, it is Steam’s top-rated title, surpassing big-budget releases like Baldur’s Gate 3, Hogwarts Legacy, and even Resident Evil 4. So, what’s the secret behind this success? There are several key factors that combine to create the one plus one equals three magic of Lethal Company. Firstly, horror games are hot, no question about that, but how about co-op horror? All the frights, fights and gore, experienced with your buddies. This rare combination of friends and fear is what sets Lethal Company apart, and looking at the positive reviews, clearly appeals to gamers all over the world. Popular among streamers including Markiplier, Nikos, and many more, Lethal Company already has a cult following.

The gruesome aesthetic and story of Lethal Company are also very “in” right now. Combining risk and reward in retro-futuristic industrialized moon environments presents an appealing challenge. The scavenging action takes place under a dark, foreboding post-apocalyptic background, where players must face a plethora of monsters, environmental hazards and traps. Lo-fi graphics add to the tense atmosphere and unique feel of Lethal Company, as you look twice into the dark corners of whatever room you’re in to see if there’s something moving in the shadows… On top of all this, the $9.99 price makes Lethal Company an affordable way to experience survival horror at its finest.

What’s the story?

Looking for a work-life balance, or hybrid working? Well not in this game, for The Company owns you. The Company is a corporate megalodon, your primary objective is to meet a profit quota by collecting scrap from the remains of abandoned, industrialized moons. You (and your friends if you’re playing co-op mode) join the company as a contracted worker, it's a pretty simple deal: a) collect scrap and use your earnings to explore new moons where new opportunities for wealth may lurk. b) Fail at collecting enough scrap and get ejected into the endless darkness of space, where no one will hear your screams, not even HR.  

Gameplay in Lethal Company

If you’re brave enough to enter the lunar scrap collecting business alone, I salute you. As a first-person survival horror game, Lethal Company truly shines in multiplayer mode. After setting out on your very own spaceship, you’ll land and explore the facilities for scrap to haul back to your ship. As well as the scrap, there is randomly generated loot, from Stop signs (a fine melee weapon), to bottles of beer, toothpaste and DIY- Flashbang grenades.


Weight and value are the two key factors that players must consider when deciding what scrap to take back to the ship. Heavier objects influence player’s stamina as well as movement speed, while the bail is the sale value of the item when sold to The Company. Other important considerations regarding scrap are special properties that the item may have, as well as if it requires two hands, giving you hands full status.

Darkness and monsters

A scrap run to each moon only lasts three days (each in-game day is around ten minutes), and the second that your in-game clock strikes 17.30, darkness falls and literally everything starts trying to kill you. Within each of the moon environments, lurk fiendish creatures, gun turrets and environmental threats. While the monsters in Lethal Company are best avoided, and some are more lethal than others. From Baboon Hawks, to Ghost Girl, and Spore Lizards, we’ll leave the monster discovery to you. 


While chatting with your teammates is fun and makes the mission less terrifying, any noises picked up by a player’s microphone will attract monsters. Huddling, or talking over walkie talkies is a useful technique for decreasing the number of monsters on your trail, and also keeps your player sane. Walkie talkies will also help your coordination efforts, as will flashlights, but again, beware as turning lights on and off can attract monsters. Much of the strategic focus in Lethal Company focuses on conserving your stamina, as well as other resources, in order to prolong your survival in the game by attracting less monsters and safely navigating your team back to the spaceship.

The Store

If you survive a scrap run, visit the Store, the in game mechanic where you can purchase equipment, ship upgrades and decorations. From weapons to medicine and flashlights, the Company Store has you covered. Items are delivered to the current moon, an order can contain up to ten items, while larger orders will be split between multiple delivery vehicles.

The takeaway

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the post-apocalyptic horror of Lethal Company. If you’re looking for a groundbreaking, innovative game to play with your friends this winter break, Lethal Company could be a fine choice. Combining first-person horror and multiplayer options, as well as an affordable $9.99 price tag, what’s not to like about Lethal Company? Be sure to check this game out on Steam, and stay tuned for the full release date.   

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