Why Headphones Are Better for Gaming Than Speakers

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In the search for the most enjoyable and immersive gaming experience, one of the most common debates is whether headphones or speakers are best for gaming. Many people point out that gaming headsets provide noise cancellation for a gaming session without interruptions, while others argue that headphones can’t beat speakers in terms of comfort for your ears. 

Some people are of the opinion that both audio options are essential to keep on hand for different situations. For example, gaming headphones are best for late-night sessions when you want to avoid disturbing others around you, and speakers come in handy when your ears get tired of being covered by headphones. Unfortunately, not everyone has the disposable income to have access to both options, and in that case, it’s essential to weigh both options and choose the one with the most benefits.

Although both sides of the argument have legitimate points, in many ways it’s evident that there’s a clear winner in the battle between gaming headphones and speakers. In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons why gaming headsets are ultimately a better choice for gaming than speakers.

Built-in microphones

One of the biggest advantages that gaming headsets have over speakers are the built-in microphones that headphones provide. When you’re playing an online game with your friends, communication is essential - if you’re not in the same room with your teammates, it’s important that you have a fast and reliable way to communicate. That’s something that speakers just can’t provide.

Can you imagine dropping hundreds of dollars on a surround sound system just to find out that the sound interferes with your mic? If you rely on your computer or laptop’s built-in microphone, the sound from the speakers will create feedback and cause a frustrating delay. Though that delay of a few seconds may sound small, those are precious seconds that can mean the difference between winning or losing a campaign.

In this way, headphones for gaming are the clear winner. They almost always include a dedicated microphone which allows for clear, instantaneous communication with distant teammates. This makes them more cost-effective since you don’t have to purchase a separate gaming microphone. The sound from the headphones won’t leak into the microphone, and with additional noise-canceling technology, you won’t have to worry about outside noise messing with your voice.

Immersive sound experience

Gaming headsets are inherently more immersive than speakers, and that’s just a fact of physics. Because headsets are located directly next to your ears, the audio doesn’t need to travel far. Over-ear headphone models, like the Predator Galea 350, create an enclosed environment between the game’s sound and your ears for a top-notch experience.

In this area, speakers just can’t compete: depending on where you place your speakers, the sound will have to travel a few feet at the very least, and often farther. This is a problem that can’t be solved with higher quality: no matter how high-quality the audio from the speakers is, other sounds in your immediate environment will come between you and the game.

Additional headphone features widen the gap between headphones and speakers in terms of immersion. Noise cancellation, for example, means you can play in any environment without worrying about being disturbed by outside stimuli. No more getting interrupted by a barking dog or quarreling neighbors!

Personalization features common to many headphones also make it easy to choose how you want to be immersed. With controls to modify bass, reverb and much more, headphones offer a lot of freedom over how you experience your audio. You can even create custom sound profiles to best suit the unique qualities of each game you play. When considering headphones vs. speakers, it’s undeniable that headphones provide a more immersive experience.

Portable immersion

Another notable advantage of gaming headphones over speakers is their portability. Headphones are small and light enough that you can take them with you wherever you go: whether you want to play on the train during your morning commute or on an airplane up in the sky, headphones have you covered.

Plus, no matter how deeply immersed you are, you won’t be bothering the people around you. That allows you to have a satisfying and private gaming session anywhere, anytime.

Speakers, on the other hand, are often bulky, unwieldy devices that cannot be transported easily. They take a lot longer to install when compared to headphones, so it’s a lot less convenient to move them around. Just moving them from one room to another is a hassle, so using speakers in a moving vehicle with others present is totally out of the question.

So, if you’re someone who’s constantly on the go and needs an audio device that can power your gaming in any place and any time, headphones are undoubtedly the most sensible choice.


Although speakers have the advantage of being more comfortable than headphones, when all factors are considered, it’s clear that headphones are the winner for most gamers in the headphones vs. speakers debate. With a quality set of headphones, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a game wherever and whenever you like without disturbing those around you. You’ll be able to communicate with online teammates without annoying interference, taking your gaming to the next level.

Not all headphones are made equal, however, and to get the most out of your headphones, it pays to choose the right model. With crystal clear 7.1 surround sound and three different audio modes for top-notch personalization (movie, music, and gaming), the Predator Galea 350 is one of the best models out there.

Its over-ear design features padded cushions that will keep you comfortable for long gaming sessions, and its retractable microphone means you can switch between gaming and streaming in a snap. At the price point of $99.99, these headphones are a steal: no other model on the market can match its powerful features at such an affordable price.

Get your hands on some Predator Galea 350 headphones today and turbocharge your gaming experience!

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