Why Business Travelers Need a Mobile Hotspot Device

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Internet connectivity is now a must-have for companies to run, and it has evolved to become the very foundation of business. The average employee can no longer work disconnected– from storing data in the cloud and producing content to joining global meetings and creating instant communication, connectivity is where work begins. 

What are mobile hotspot devices? 

With an ever-growing need for fast, secure, and reliable connectivity, mobile hotspot devices are enjoying an increasing status in business. This is particularly the case for business travel—when an employee is on the go, being able to connect allows work to be done anytime, anywhere. This implies that no precious time is wasted on transport. 

Essentially, these devices can be thought of as portable routers used for internet connection when there is no other hotspot available to use.

A cellular signal is then converted into a Wi-Fi signal using the mobile hotspot, enabling you to work on any device you’re carrying with an SSID and password. At its core, mobile hotspots are linked to the same 4G or 5G networks as smartphones. 

Mobile hotspot devices come with extra security and privacy standards

Private Network: Network security can often be questioned when traveling in an unfamiliar area. However, with a dedicated hotspot device, business travelers can rely on their private, secure network and not have to worry about the common risks that come with connecting to a public network. This is particularly important for work, since accessing public networks may increase the danger of security leaks. 

Less Susceptibility to Attacks: Many public networks, while free, do not require passwords and can make users’ data vulnerable. Using a private network on a dedicated device can lower the possibility of being the target of a cybersecurity attack. 

Mobile Hotspot Devices Support VPN Use: Several dedicated hotspots now allow VPN connections, and employees can therefore easily encrypt their data or browse the Internet with anonymity. 

Mobile hotspot devices are highly cost-effective

Some may question the need to invest in a separate mobile hotspot device, when smartphone hotspots may also work during business travel. The reality is that for businesses with frequent travelers, mobile hotspot devices can be good value for money for the following reasons:

They help avoid high international roaming fees: Purchasing a local SIM card and pairing it up with a mobile hotspot device may be more budget-friendly than paying roaming fees. This is particularly the case for travel in countries where roaming fees are exorbitantly high.

Flexible Data Plans: Mobile hotspot devices come with data plans, some of which can be flexible and tailored to the needs of the business traveler. You can change your data plan to match the type of work you are doing. For instance, if you are sending out emails and making fixes on a PowerPoint, a couple of gigs is more than enough, but if you are uploading massive amounts of files like high-quality images or videos, you may need to increase your data plan.

One Mobile Hotspot, Many Devices: With one mobile hotspot, business travelers can connect it to more than one device (for instance, their phone, laptop, and tablet all in one go). They can also share it with colleagues and clients when necessary. This eliminates the need to buy individual data plans for every device during travel. 

Mobile hotspot devices are reliable and allow deep, productive work 

Rapid Setups: It isn’t uncommon for unforeseen, time-sensitive tasks to emerge during business travel. In moments like these, having a mobile hotspot device can make a huge difference. With remarkable bootup speed, mobile hotspot devices can help the business traveler connect in a matter of seconds and make that deadline, whether it’s at a busy train station or in a park. 

The Liberty to Connect Anytime, Anywhere: On business trips, employees may need to connect in a variety of places where stable wifi isn’t available. This could be at a cafe, at a hotel, or stuck in traffic. To enjoy their business trip to the fullest, employees may also wish to work in places where a Wi-Fi connection isn’t a possibility, such as at a beach or in a park. With a mobile hotspot device, employees would be able to work with peace of mind, whatever the work device may be. 

Fewer Interruptions: Although free Wi-Fi may be available during the course of the travel itinerary, it is naive to assume that Wi-Fi will always be safe, stable, or without any usage or time restrictions. With a dedicated mobile hotspot device, business travelers can enjoy uninterrupted, reliable connectivity. 

Mobile hotspot devices can help in emergency situations

A Source of Backup: Emergency situations or unexpected turmoil may happen during business trips, and that is when mobile hotspot devices can save the day. By helping secure continuous connectivity, these dedicated devices can serve as a backup when no other internet sources are available. This can be particularly helpful when the business traveler finds an urgent need to use a translation app or check for alternatives when travel is disrupted. 

Reliable Battery Life: Battery can decline quickly when a smartphone itself is used as a hotspot device, and this is not ideal for business travel. Mobile hotspot devices, on the other hand, generally have around 6 to 10 hours of daily battery life and will ease the stress of a rapidly declining phone battery. 

Acer Connect ENDURO M3, an updated mobile hotspot device

If you’re a busy business traveler and looking for a secure and reliable mobile hotspot, the Acer Connect ENDURO M3– a product that received the 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award and 2023 iF Design Award– will make an excellent companion: 

It connects to the strongest network: During work travel, a common frustrating issue is having to deal with weak or interrupted signals. The Acer Connect ENDURO M3 is designed to avoid such disruption. Using vSIM technology and SignalScan™, it has the ability and flexibility to connect only to the strongest 5G or 4G signal from any network, thus giving you peace of mind even during data-heavy video calls. The best part is that no SIM card is necessary with this device, which saves the business traveler the task of settling the SIM card itself. 

It protects your data: When traveling in unfamiliar territory, a common concern is data safety. Acer Connect ENDURO M3 uses a mandatory credential for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ devices,  WPA3, to increase your device’s cryptographic strength and authentication. With VPN functionality, it also makes sure that your data remains anonymous and safe from cybercriminals.

It is also built to endure: Business trips can be strenuous and accidents may happen to a device, even if every care was made to avoid them. The Acer Connect ENDURO M3 is designed with consideration of this.  As a rugged device, it is designed to withstand spills, drops, bumps, and extreme temperatures– giving you the freedom to take yourself and your work anywhere in the world. 

It has a long battery life and doubles as a portable charger: The ACER Connect ENDURO M3 allows you to stay connected without interruptions; with a 6500 mAh high-capacity battery, you can conduct all the work you need on the go, without having to stop and charge your device.

Mobile hotspot devices: The way forward in business 

With the business lifestyle becoming more mobile and connectivity being increasingly key to a company’s success, having a sturdy mobile device can make a palpable difference in work efficiency. The freedom to connect anytime, anywhere also implies more productivity on the go, on trains, buses, or taxis. Consider the potential that a mobile hotspot device can bring to you by visiting the Acer site today.

Esme Lee is a science writer and editor in the UK, carrying a passion for tech copywriting. She has a background in educational neuroscience and holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge.


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