10 Typing Games to Skyrocket Your Speed and Accuracy

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Typing fast is no longer optional; it's a must-have skill in the digital age. According to Microsoft, many managers expect employees to hit at least 50 WPM (words per minute). Skip the monotonous drills and get those fingers flying with engaging typing games.

Why it's important to learn to type faster 

Time's tight for most folks, so becoming a quicker typist is a game-changer. Our typing faster tips teach you how to become a faster typist, so if speed is what you're after, take a look.  

Typing Speed 

Average typing speeds are around 30–40 WPM. You'll keep up with your thoughts if you can type between 60–80 WPM. If you type 80 WPM, you can catch every second word spoken at average conversational speed. Imagine the upgrade for your study notes in school or college!

Accuracy Over Speed 

Slow typing can be frustrating, but errors are the actual timewasters. It takes longer to fix typos than typing a little slower but accurately from the start. Nail accuracy first and watch your speed soar. Say goodbye to that pesky spell-checker.

Master the Basics 

Touch typing can dramatically improve your typing speed and accuracy. Start by learning the proper finger placement on the home keys and which finger to use for each key, all while keeping your eyes on the screen instead of the keyboard.

Turn work into play. Typing games are more than fun—they're your fast track to becoming a pro - 120 WPM.

10 Typing Games to Skyrocket Your Speed and Accuracy

1. ZType: Space Invaders for typers 

Think you can type fast? ZType puts your skills to the test—with a space twist. An enemy spaceship shoots words your way. Your mission? Type out those words as fast as possible to take 'em down. Mess up, and your lasers jam. Nail all the words, and boom—the enemy's destroyed.

Fine-Tune Your Fingers 

One of ZType's standout features lets you pick the fingers you wanna train. So, whether it's your pinkies or your thumbs, you're covered.

Step Up Your Game 

Start easy with a 26 WPM goal. Once you're crushing that, jump to medium at 46 WPM. Feeling brave? Tackle the hard level with a blistering 81 WPM target.

Where do I get it? Play it online, or download the app from Google Play

Cost: Free

2. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing: The OG of typing software 

First released in 1987, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing has been schooling us for decades. With extensive lessons, fun car-racing games, and accuracy drills, this program is your fast track to becoming a keyboard pro. The Kids version pictured helps young learners improve their typing skills.

What sets it apart? Instant feedback on your performance, highlighting your errors so you can fix them before they become bad habits. You can also play the original game online for free.

Where do I get it? Broderbund software sells over 10 different versions. The Platinum Edition has over 16 arcade-style games and 430 personalized lessons, exercises, and tests.  

Cost: Paid versions (up to around $39.99)

3. The Typing of the Dead: Overkill: Zombie action typing game

Immerse yourself in the heart of a mutant epidemic with The Typing of the Dead: Overkill, blending the horror and humor of the renowned House of the Dead series with an innovative typing game. Use your keyboard to defend yourself and a friend with ever-changing kill-words in this grisly shooter. There are 3 difficulty levels to test your typing skills, and a hardcore level for the best of the best.

As a classic from 2013, some players report that it doesn’t work on Windows 10 or 11 - there are some possible fixes in the comment section of Steam. So, use at your own risk. 

Where do I get it? STEAM

Cost: ‎$19.99

4. Typer Shark! Deluxe: Ocean typing adventure 

Typer Shark! Deluxe is a lot of fun to play, while learning to type at the same time. You’re the diver, who’s faced with waves of sharks and piranhas with words on their bodies. Each word you type correctly will zap that shark. Just make sure you get it right the first time! 

Typer Shark! Deluxe is an oldie, but a goodie, that will help you improve your typing practice.

Where do I get it? STEAM

Cost: Free demo to try before you buy. The full version costs around $5.

5. Epistory: Typing Chronicles: Action-adventure game 

In Epistory, you are the muse to an author who’s got writer’s block. Through creating fantasy adventures, mysteries, and battles, you not only help the author to draft a story, but you also improve your own typing ability. 

This 2016 action-adventure game is not for beginners, but you don’t need to be an expert as the game adjusts the difficulty to suit your speed and accuracy. The whole game will take you at least 5 hours to complete, and double that if your idea of good gaming is to explore all storyline features. 

Where do I get it? STEAM 

Cost: 14.99 for 1 digital copy, and discounts for multiple copies.

6. Nitro Type: Where typing meets racing 

Another fast-paced online car racing game that will get your fingers flying across the keyboard in no time. Login to the Nitro Type website to race with up to 5 other people from across the world or get your own friends to race you. Add to the motivation of doing better by tracking your scores and earning new badges and cars as you improve. 

Teachers can also use this free typing game in the classroom by using a teacher dashboard to follow students’ progress and encourage them to increase their skills.

Where do I get it?  Play online. 

Cost:  Free

7. Human Benchmark: The no-nonsense typing test

Ready to see how you measure up? Human Benchmark Typing is a straight-up test that gives you your WPM (words per minute) and counts your typos. It's not a game, but it's the ultimate way to measure your typing skills.

Who's It For? 

This one's for anyone—from typing rookies to keyboard ninjas. You can take the test as a guest, but sign up if you want to see how you stack up against the global leaderboard.

Beyond Typing 

Feeling brainy? Human Benchmark offers more than typing tests. Dive into memory games and other cognitive challenges to see how you rank.

Where do I get it?  Complete the tests online through the Human Benchmark dashboard

Cost:  Free

8. Keyboard Ninja: Fruit slicing meets typing 

Keyboard Ninja blends fruit-slicing action and typing skills. Sounds odd? It's insanely fun and perfect for kids! The game starts easy for Grade 1 kids and gets more challenging.

Type the right letter to slice flying fruit, but watch out for bombs! Unlike other typing games that use whole words, this game forces you to hit individual keys, making it a real test of your key awareness and finger agility.

Struggle with key location? This game helps you remember where each letter is on the keyboard. You can customize the game to focus on specific keys or even the number pad.

Get competitive with built-in timers and scoring systems that let you see how you're doing.

Where do I get it?  Online 

Cost:  Free

9. Monkeytype: The minimalist typing test 

With its minimalist design and beautiful color themes, Monkeytype is simple to use. It’s not only a typing test to measure how many words you can type per minute and how your accuracy is improving. It has a range of modes that give you flexibility regarding the things you would like to practice on. 

Choose from 4 time durations, and a choice of words, sentences, quotes, numbers, punctuation etc. that will help you improve your skills. Once you’re done, get instant results with 5 different kinds of statistics that can be used to decide what areas need more work.

Where do I get it?  Online – practice as a guest or sign up to keep track of your progress.   

Cost:  Free

10. Nanotale: Typing Chronicles: Fantasy meets typing

Nanotale is the sequel to Epistory. Dive into a magical world, falling into chaos. You're Rosalind, a young archivist on a quest to solve mysteries and engage in epic battles while improving your typing skills.

The game adapts to your typing ability. As you get better, the challenges ramp up. It balances story immersion and skill development, keeping you on your toes.

How Long Does It Take? 

Expect to spend around 5 hours completing the main quest, nearly double that if you aim to unlock all its secrets.

Where do I get it? STEAM 

Cost:  $20

Game your way to typing expertise 

Turn typing practice into playtime. From space invasions to car races, there's a typing game for everyone. Whether you're after speed, accuracy, or just plain fun, these games have you covered. So, no more excuses—choose your game, start typing, and let those WPMs soar! 

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