Best Gaming Chairs for Serious Gamers

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With the rise of prestige pricing and targeted marketing strategies, you might be skeptical about the need to spend tens or hundreds of dollars on a chair dedicated to the sole purpose of gaming. However, the reality is that a well-designed gaming chair helps to safeguard your health and well-being, but it can also bring significant improvement to your performance and the quality of your immersive experience. Built with knowledge from medical studies and user feedback and made from premium, durable materials designed to last for years to come, the right gaming chair can become your favorite throne from which to dominate the digital landscape. Learn more about what distinguishes gaming chairs from the rest of their furniture family and the comfort and benefits that you have been missing out on. 

Gaming chair features, materials, costs, and upholstery  

Before you even get into the various brands, accessories and addons that encompass the world of gaming chairs, there are several features that will significantly impact your final purchase. In addition to the primary concern of overall cost, considerations also include back and lumbar support, upholstery, firmness, armrest flexibility, degree of recline, frame materials, weight and height limits, seat height, and available colors. 

Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you could purchase a generic gaming chair for around $100-$200 with standard fabric and foam or a fully customized seat of gaming power with Napa leather, pebble seats, and hand-stitching for $500 plus, or anything in between. Popular options for upholstery include mesh backing, memory foam, and either leather or pleather, and your choice will have notable implications for things like cost, comfort, and airflow. 

In addition to the upholstery and comfort level, you should also pay close attention to the materials which are used in the construction of a gaming chair’s frame. Given that the frame will literally be carrying the weight of your body, it might not be advisable to tip back at angles over 110 degrees while relying on plastic to prevent you from succumbing to gravity. Although chairs with plastic frames are considerably cheaper than steel frames, they are also far more prone to accumulating strain and breaking over time. Steel frames will likely outlast the rest of the gaming chair and are very unlikely to break, barring extreme stressors.  

Armrest flexibility along with spine and lumbar support are crucial 

If you are prone to leaning into your elbows during intense gaming or work-related activity periods, you are keenly aware of how the right armrest can make all the difference. From standard immovable armrests to complex 4D models that can fully mimic and support the range of your arm span, gaming chairs help by keeping your arms, hands, and fingers in good condition. 

Gaming chairs are ideal solutions for preventing repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome in the hands and arm, adhesive capsulitis in the shoulder, and a myriad of back issues related to a lack of proper support. In addition, due to the nature of PC gaming requiring you to sit for lengthy periods, having a seat that keeps your lumbar, lower back, and spine in proper alignment will save you untold amounts of pain, time, and money.  

Style, performance, and personalization 

On top of all these other factors, one thing that will truly make your gaming chair your own is deciding the style of the frame, any colors, patterns, and even characters and logos from popular video game franchises. Some models even come with built-in speakers, charging dock, audio ports, and vibration capabilities for added realism. In addition, gaming chair styles are available on a spectrum from stylish racing-back chairs to conventional office chair designs, so that you will have plenty of options. 

Other important factors include the degree of recline or the distance you can tilt your chair back without serious injury. Standard gaming chairs typically have a degree of recline between 90 and 130 degrees, though some permit a full 180 degrees of recline, allowing you to game while completely horizontal. It is important to note that even the coolest gaming chairs have specific limits for the weight and height of their users, so you should keep these limitations in mind to avoid injury or dissatisfaction.   

The Best Gaming Chairs for 2022 

Secret Lab Gaming Chairs TITAN Evo 2022 Series 

As the latest iteration of Secret Lab’s award-winning line of gaming chairs, the TITAN Evo 2022 Series offers pro-grade ergonomics for gamers of all sizes and preferences. The chair features hybrid leatherette for a solid feel and delivers a multi-tilt mechanism so you can easily sit with comfort. 

The Secret Lab TITAN Evo 2022 Series also features 4D armrests for added comfort and comes with high-quality casters for moving around your room. Add that to a sturdy aluminum wheelbase and a backrest with 165 degrees of recline, and you’ll undoubtedly find that it helps you stay comfortable during even the longest of gaming experiences. 

Predator Gaming Chair 

With octo-directional armrests and high-quality PVC leather upholstery, up to 180 degrees of recline, and a solid all-steel frame, the Predator Gaming Chair will serve you in good stead for years to come.  

The chair, which comes with an outstanding look and feel and is designed to reduce tension on your body by hugging you in the most comfortable way, also features detachable lumbar and headrest pillows for added comfort. The Predator gaming chair also features a tilt lock so you can sit at just the right angle and has silent caster wheels for allowing you to slide across the floor with ease. You’ll even find a tension knob in the device, which is perfect for giving you the right angle during gameplay. 

OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair 

An extremely affordable gaming chair that nevertheless delivers an impressive level of comfort and quality for the asking price, the OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair is an outstanding option for anyone who wants to sit well and save a few bucks along the way. 

The OFM ESS features an adjustable height and foldable arms for easy comfort. You can also count on it for a 360-degree swivel, center-tilt control, and a SofThread leather and stitched mesh. Add that to a 275-pound weight capacity and it’s a solid choice for anyone who wants a sturdy chair under them. 

The gaming chair market is alive with a slew of outstanding chairs that will make you a better gamer. With more comfortable designs and better looks, you’ll find yourself sitting in any of these for quite some time and still playing at your best. 



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