Top 10 Essential Microsoft Edge Extensions Every User Needs

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Microsoft Edge boasts lightning-fast loading speeds and seamless Windows 10 and 11 integration. But Edge's actual trump card? Its add-ons, often free, supercharge its capabilities. These extensions streamline everyday tasks and boost your efficiency.

Chromium browsers, like Google Chrome and Edge, make their add-ons interchangeable. So, browser extensions that work on one will work on the other. And with the Edge Store flaunting 11,000+ add-ons, the digital world's your sandbox.

Yet, not all Edge extensions are built equal. In the Edge store, see that featured badge? It's Microsoft's seal of approval - verified and aligned with their best practices.

Let's dive into the top ten Microsoft Edge extensions to simplify your digital life in a Marie Kondo-style makeover.

1) Seamless Microsoft integration: Microsoft 365 extension for Edge 

A seamless bridge between your browser and Microsoft's powerhouse suite. The Microsoft 365 extension for Edge ensures your docs, sheets, and presentations are merely a click away from a smoother and more cohesive workflow.


  • Edge toolbar icon granting quick access to Microsoft 365 files. 
  • Get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway functionalities in Edge without needing Microsoft 365 installed. 
  • Open files stored in OneDrive and OneDrive for Business directly. 
  • Connects to Microsoft Editor, it's online proofing service offering spelling, grammar, and writing refinements.


  • Integrated experience: No more app switching; get all of Microsoft 365 within Edge. 
  • Universal file access: Your cloud and local Microsoft files are easily reachable. 
  • Polished communications: Robust proofing tools for flawless writing. 
  • Multilingual proofing: Supports over 80 languages, catering to a global audience.


This extension is your digital Swiss army knife. It takes the power of Microsoft's suite and plants it firmly in your browser, ensuring productivity is never compromised.

Download Microsoft 365

2) Perfect your online communications with Microsoft Editor: Spelling & grammar checker 

Our digital life is a whirlwind of rapid-fire emails, tweets, DMs, and more. Ditch the hassle of drafting in Word and tediously copying content over. Microsoft Editor streamlines and elevates your written communications.

Microsoft Editor offers real-time grammar, spelling, and punctuation check-ups in multiple languages simultaneously. And for those with a Microsoft 365 account? Unlock style-enhancing features, including tone, that ensure every word hits the mark.


  • On-the-fly fixes: Live corrections wherever you type—Gmail,, Facebook, and more. 
  • Triple language support: Proofread up to three languages simultaneously—spell check in over 80 languages. 
  • Premium upgrades: Advanced checks include inclusivity, tone, and word choice (requires a Microsoft 365 subscription).


  • Clarity in communication: Craft flawless emails and messages without the back-and-forth. 
  • Multi-language support: Communicate effectively in various languages without switching tools. 
  • Elevate your writing: Let advanced checks refine your style. 
  • Personalized experience: Add your style. From custom words to specific ignored suggestions, your customizations follow you across the web and Microsoft tools.


Microsoft Editor helps you send out pitch-perfect digital communications every time. Make typos and awkward phrasings history.

Download Microsoft Editor

3) Dive into the dark Side: Dark Reader 

Bright screens late at night are a recipe for disrupted sleep. That excessive blue light messes with our sleep rhythm, turning late-night browsing into potential insomnia triggers. Enter Dark Reader—an extension that transforms eye-searing pages into soothing dark-mode retreats.

Dark Reader intelligently adjusts website colors, transforming them into high-contrast, perfect for nighttime viewing. The best part? You have complete control—tweak brightness, play with contrast, add a sepia touch, and even set sites to bypass the dark mode.


  • Instant dark mode: One-click transformation of sites to soothing dark themes. 
  • Customize your view: Adjust brightness, contrast, filters, and more.


  • Kinder to your eyes: Minimize eye strain during those late-night browsing sessions. 
  • Open-source assurance: No ads, no data collection, and fully transparent on GitHub.


Dark Reader isn't just for night owls but for anyone seeking a comfortable browsing experience. Get it for Edge and make digital eye strain a thing of the past.

Download Dark Reader

4) Pump up the volume: Volume Booster Plus 

Struggling to hear a video or catch that podcast detail? With over 20,000 users, Volume Booster Plus for Microsoft Edge lets you go beyond your system's sound limits, ensuring you don't miss a beat.


  • Supercharge your sound: Boost volume up to 600% for each browser tab. 
  • Simple: Click the add-on icon to turn it on. Adjust the volume with the slider control. 
  • Universal compatibility: Seamlessly works on all websites.


  • Hear every detail: Catch subtle nuances in your favorite tracks and films. 
  • No more strain: Get the right volume every time, reducing the need to adjust or lean in. 
  • Personalized listening: Customize volume levels for individual tabs, tailoring your experience.


Don't settle for muffled sounds. Volume Booster Plus for Edge is your solution to perfect audio clarity. Dive into clearer soundscapes and never miss a beat (or word) again.

Download Volume Booster Plus

5) Save money with PayPal Honey: One-click coupons & cash back 

Searching for discounts without the hunt? With PayPal Honey it takes the guesswork out of finding coupon codes. Honey automatically finds and applies available coupons to streamline your online shopping experience.

At its core, PayPal Honey partners with a vast ecosystem of 30,000+ merchants. The data paints a clear picture: an average discount of 17.9%. What's even more compelling? The yearly savings hit around $126, all at zero expense.

For Amazon shoppers, Honey actively cross-references seller prices, ensuring you nab the best deal.


  • Automatic deals: Honey scans and automatically applies the most suitable coupon at checkout. 
  • Extensive merchant network: 30,000+ merchants, from Amazon to Pizza Hut. 
  • Zero cost: Absolutely free to use.


  • Seamless savings: Gone are the days of tedious manual discount searches. 
  • Best Amazon prices: Ensure you secure the best price every time.


With Honey, every checkout feels like a win. Minimal fuss, maximum savings.

Download PayPal Honey: Automatic Coupons & Cash Back  

6) Break language barriers with Immersive Translate: Easy web & PDF translations 

Hitting a wall with foreign languages? Let Immersive Translate decipher foreign texts with ease. This free Edge add-on effortlessly translates web content so you can get the gist in real time.

With over 300,000 users, Immersive Translate offers AI-powered bilingual web translation on the fly.


  • ​​​Bilingual web experience: Understand foreign websites with side-by-side translations. 
  • Expansive service integration: Choose from 10+ translation services. From Google Translate to Microsoft Translator to OpenAI, you're covered. 
  • Smart input box: Make any webpage's input a multilingual translator. Engage in real-time bilingual dialogues. 
  • Document flexibility: One-click bilingual e-books and real-time translations for PDFs, TXTs, and more. 
  • Instant mouse-hover: Hover over any paragraph and get its translation, understanding content in context.


  • Stay updated: Be it global financial news or the latest in tech, stay ahead with immersive translations. 
  • On-the-go translations: Mobile? No problem. Enjoy smooth bilingual browsing across devices. 
  • Educate & entertain: From academic papers to binge-worthy series, ensure nothing gets lost in translation.


Immersive Translate is your passport to the global digital world. Improve your global knowledge. Ready to embrace a world without language limits?

​​​Download Immersive Translate: Web Page&PDF Translation

7) Block distractions with AdGuard AdBlocker 

Ads and trackers overwhelming your screen? AdGuard AdBlocker clears the noise. Endorsed by Microsoft and trusted by 7 million, dive into content without clutter or interruptions.


  • Comprehensive ad blocking: Remove video ads, rich media, pop-ups, banners, and text ads (including those on Facebook and YouTube). 
  • Lightning-fast performance: Outpaces Adblock in speed. Efficient memory use for smooth browsing. 
  • Stealth mode: Shields your privacy by blocking sneaky third-party trackers with over 5,000+ rules. 
  • Social widget removal: Activate the social media filter to remove pesky "Like" buttons. 
  • Vigilant protection: Shields against over 2,000,000 harmful sites, malware, and phishing attempts.


  • Speedier browsing: Faster page loads and reduced bandwidth usage without ads bogging you down. 
  • True privacy: Navigate without leaving footprints. No third-party trackers, no prying eyes. 
  • Uninterrupted content: Experience content as creators intended – ad-free and without jarring pop-ups. 
  • Secure surfing: With AdGuard's extensive harmful site list, keep threats at bay and ensure digital safety.


AdGuard AdBlocker is your ticket to a hassle-free online realm. Dive in and discover the web, uninterrupted and secure.

Download AdGuard AdBlocker

8) Surf safely with Avast Online Security & Privacy 

Browse with the reassurance of top-tier protection on Microsoft Edge. Avast Online Security & Privacy checks every site you dive into — from Facebook to banking sites.


  • Phishing site detector: Recognize and ward off websites with harmful intentions. 
  • Risk ratings: Hover over links to see their safety score. 
  • Ad-blocking: Halt intrusive cookies that shadow your online activities. 
  • Say no to ads: Block annoying ads and keep your details off advertiser lists.


  • Malware alert: Avast scans each site and search results for potential hazards. 
  • Instant safety indicators: Green shields on your search results page indicate safe-to-visit sites. 
  • Browsing autonomy: Avast flags suspicious websites, but the decision to proceed rests with you.


Avast Online Security & Privacy is your digital bodyguard for Edge. Ready to take control of your online safety?

Download Avast Online Security & Privacy

9) Customize websites with Tampermonkey 

Experience the power of customizing your favorite websites. With a solid fan base of over 10 million, Tampermonkey reigns as the ultimate browser extension for customization.

Tampermonkey lets you pop in user scripts. These scripts tweak websites you visit by adding cool features or stripping away pesky ads. With user scripts, you could:

  • Download Facebook or Instagram albums with one click. 
  • Block specific sites from search engine results.


  • User-friendly scripts: Use mini-programs (user scripts) to tune websites your way. 
  • Massive script repository: Dive into thousands of user scripts at Greasy Fork that revamp websites. 
  • One-click customization: Seamlessly run userscripts across any website you explore.


  • Personalized browsing: Shape websites according to your preferences, ensuring an optimized user experience. 
  • Streamlined web tasks: Simplify routine web activities and enhance productivity. 
  • A universe of options: With an extensive script library, find solutions for nearly every web challenge.


With Tampermonkey, you're not just browsing the web but shaping it. Dive in and craft the online experience you've always wanted. Your web, your way.

Download Tampermonkey

10) Secure your browsing with Touch VPN 

Navigating the digital realm comes with challenges - blocked sites, unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots, and privacy concerns. Touch VPN, designed for Edge, offers a robust solution for these hitches.


  • Wide server network: Access to 5900+ servers spanning 90+ countries. 
  • Zero-cost access: No hidden fees or trials. Truly free. 
  • One-tap connection: A single Connect button does the trick. 
  • Advanced encryption: Military-grade measures for data protection. 
  • Anonymous browsing: Conceal your online identity. Touch VPN hides your online footprint.


  • Break digital borders: Overcome regional restrictions seamlessly. Watch Netflix UK. 
  • Wi-Fi Security: Shielded data, even on public hotspots. 
  • Avoid unwanted attention: Mask your activities from ISPs and third parties.


Touch VPN delivers more than just unblocked sites. It's a commitment to a safer, unrestricted browsing experience on Edge. Consider this app if privacy and accessibility rank high on your list.

Download Touch VPN

Extensions revamp your Edge game. From managing tabs like a pro to crafting the perfect online world, these tools push boundaries. So, explore and pick the ones that resonate. Tailor your browser to your beat. Ready to take your Edge to the next level? 

Robert is a Taiwan-based writer and digital marketer at iamrobert design. He has a passion for helping people simplify their lives through tech.


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