What is Google Perspectives and How Does it Work?

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From digital assistants, chatbots, and facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. AI quickly analyzes large amounts of data and reduces the time it takes to perform tasks, which benefits business owners looking to enhance efficiency. Moreover, AI machines and devices are active 24-7 and do not need to take breaks, vacation days, or sick leave. One obvious downside is that human workers are increasingly replaceable, however AI opens up new work opportunities too.

The popular search engine Google was founded in 1998 among significant technological advancements in the 1990s and went public in 2004. With a hefty 90% search engine market share, most people use the Google search function daily, and its Android operating system for smartphones accounts for 87% of the global market. Since its inception, search engine users have been able to look up almost anything online, making it the go-to hub for information. Often, Google is our starting point whenever we make a purchase, move house, or even pay household bills. However, this abundance of information has become difficult to navigate, and some users are growing tired of sifting through tons of data to find what they want. That is where AI comes in.

What is Google Perspectives?

Perspectives is a revolutionary Google search feature that allows users to benefit from the experiences of others. Using AI, Google Perspectives connects users to other people and perspectives relevant to their search topic, thus streamlining the search for information. Google Perspectives is a separate search section that transforms standard searches into an AI-powered pool of real-life insights.   

How does Google Perspectives work?

Google Perspectives uses AI to bring the search for information to life. Google searches are given a human touch by clicking the Perspectives feature, where users will see long- and short-form videos, images, discussion post conversations, and written posts made by others with similar queries. These features are unique to the user, and the information provided is tailored entirely to the search content.

For example, say you have just moved into a new area and have no idea how to meet new people. A quick Google search will show up articles with advice for making new friends, but tapping the Perspectives filter will lead users to a whole new world of real-time information. Users will see videos with stories and advice or tips from others on discussion boards, giving a truly unique human touch to Google searches. 

Benefits of using Google Perspectives 

Besides giving users access to the viewpoints of others, Google Perspectives puts together a specially-curated wealth of information designed to help the user. Here are some more benefits of the Google Perspectives function.  

1) First-hand information 

Instead of sorting through pages of data that may or may not be relevant, Google Perspectives lets users instantly access first-hand accounts from real people. For example, users traveling to a new country can search for local customs and receive personalized results based on the experiences of other people. Rather than reading information written by people that may not have even been to the country involved, Google Perspectives filters travel blogs or specific posts relating to the search question. This first-hand information gives a personal feel and is immensely valuable to users. 

2) Identifies hard-to-find data 

Some information is hidden away in the depths of the web so well that we lose patience before we find it. Google Perspectives digs out the most relevant information for searches and brings it to the forefront without any additional effort from the user. Identifying hard-to-find data becomes Google’s challenge, allowing users to simply sit back and view the results. 

How to use Google Perspectives effectively

​​The most important part of any data search is the search terms. Vague searches are likely to generate unspecific — and possibly unhelpful — results. As such, the accuracy of search results depends on the quality of the search terms.

Google Perspectives is currently available on the mobile Google app. To use Google Perspective simply: 

  1. Go to Google Search. 
  2. Type in a topic that you are interested in. 
  3. Click on the "Perspectives" filter. 
  4. This will show you a variety of content from different people and sources. 
  5. You can also access Google Perspectives through a dedicated section on the Google Search results page. 

By doing the steps above, users can enjoy real-life opinions at their fingertips from people around the world.

Should you use Google Perspectives and why?

Google Perspectives gives users an entirely new and personalized search engine experience. This revolutionary tool curates content from popular websites such as YouTube and Reddit, and presents it to users in an easily digestible format. Users looking to access streamlined information about specific topics without exerting much effort will be impressed by the stress-free access that Google Perspectives brings. Moreover, users that enjoy watching informative videos and reading discussion forum content will benefit from the Google Perspectives feature.


Google Perspectives is Google’s answer to users’ increased dissatisfaction with traditional searches and offers a human touch to an otherwise anonymous platform. It is also a direct response to the rising number of people using platforms like TikTok to search for information. In recent times, Google has placed an increasing amount of value on first-hand data from those with genuine experiences and acknowledges that people have a thirst for human connection. This has gone hand-in-hand with AI technology to create Google Perspectives, a function that is likely to enhance the user experience and reduce the time taken to search for information. Google Perspectives is set to revolutionize the way we search and streamline results into more relevant and easily-digestible content.

Jeni is a translator and writer based in Taiwan. She is passionate about business development and loves helping companies enter international markets. She is fluent in English, German, and Mandarin Chinese, and combines these with her industry experience to provide practical market entry solutions.


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