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For many years, Pokémon was king: it single-handedly invented a new genre of video game, captivating gamers around the world. Though other games tried for years to imitate its success, none could match the delight and charm of the original version.

All that changed in 2020 when Temtem was released. With its stimulating battle missions and infinite replayability, Temtem has proven to be a memorable game well after its release.

Though Temtem’s structure clearly places it in the genre of “Pokémon-like game,”  

it also has some important differences that considerably alter the gameplay experience. Judging from its success to date, many believe that these changes have made a fundamentally positive impact on the overall experience.

However, there are also those who feel negatively about certain aspects of Temtem, including its MMO platform and heavy collection of fun features in the post-game. For some, dragging through the main plotline before accessing the fun post-game features just isn’t worth it.

Nevertheless, Temtem still proves to be very popular even a couple of years after its initial release, particularly for those who enjoy games like Pokémon. In this article, we’ll give you a brief introduction to Temtem’s plot structure and universe. Then, we’ll give you some tips on catching Temtem so you can get a headstart in the game. As they say in the Airborne Archipelago, Panunspeed!

What is Temtem?

For those who haven’t heard of this game before, let’s take a look at what the game is about. In general terms, Temtem is an MMO, or a massively multiplayer online game, in which a player interacts with a large number of other players. Key components of the game include catching Temtem, battling other tamers, decorating your house or just exploring the universe.

It probably sounds a lot like Pokémon, and it’s a fair comparison - both games are centered around catching small animals and then going into battle. However, Temtem also has some important differences from Pokémon that set it apart and, in the minds of many, make it a better game.

For example, Temtem battles are tougher and require a higher level of strategy and creative thinking, which enhances the gameplay experience. In addition, Temtem’s MMO platform adds another interactive dimension to gameplay, while the post-game component makes Temtem enjoyable to replay for long after the last mission has been completed.  

Opinions do differ with regards to the added benefit of these changes. Some believe, for example, that the online aspect of the game detracts from the primary plot, and others feel that the most enjoyable parts of gameplay are unfairly locked until post-game.  

However, many gamers believe that these aspects are fair and welcome improvements upon the Pokémon model, and the game is certainly well worth a try to see and decide for yourself.  

The world of Temtem

Now that we’ve provided a brief introduction to the structure of Temtem, let’s take a look at the in-game universe.

The world of Temtem takes place in the so-called Airborne Archipelago. According to the Temtem wiki, the Airborne Archipelago “is the colourful and diverse world of Temtem, where humans coexist peacefully with creatures called Temtem.” The archipelago is made up of six main islands which each rotate around the Pan-Sun.

Though the game makes references to the Downbelow and the Highabove, it is said that “nobody has ever returned from the depths of the Downbelow and nothing is known for sure about the cloudy Highabove” and they are both inaccessible within the game. Perhaps these places will be explorable in a future sequel.

These are the six main islands:

  • Deniz, the floating sea: The island of Deniz is based on Mediterranean cultures, including those of Spain, Italy, and Turkey: the name itself means “sea” in Turkish.
  • Omnesia, the Myrisles: Omnesia takes its inspiration from Oceanian island cultures. Many of the place names on the island derive from Austronesian languages like Tagalog, Hawaiian, Maori and Malagasy. 
  • Tucma, "The End of All Things": The name for this island derives from the Tucumán province of Argentina.
  • Kisiwa, the desert jewel: Kisiwa’s name is from the Swahili for “the cradle of humanity.”
  • Cipanku, misty hills and hypertech metropolis: Cipanku’s name is derived from the name Marco Polo gave Japan. Considering its real-world inspiration, the description of “misty hills and hypertech metropolis” certainly fits. 
  • Arbury, land of rain and books: Arbury recalls rainy, green England, particularly the university city of Cambridge.

Based on the environment of each island, there are also different types of Temtem that can be found on each one. For example, out of the twelve different types of Temtem, Nature and Fire types are the “ancestral Temtem” of Omnesia and can therefore be found in larger numbers there, while Kisiwa is home to a great number of Earth Temtem.

As you progress through the game, your access to each island will gradually increase beyond the beginning island of Deniz, as will your ability to collect different types of Temtem.

Catching Temtem

Catching Temtem takes skill and practice, and is not always the same as catching Pokémon.

Overall, there are twelve types of Temtem:

  • Neutral 
  • Wind 
  • Earth 
  • Water 
  • Fire 
  • Nature 
  • Electric 
  • Mental 
  • Digital 
  • Melee 
  • Crystal 
  • Toxic

Each type has advantages and disadvantages, mainly summed up in four different categories: the type they do double damage against, the type they do half damage against, the type they receive double damage from, and the type they receive half damage from.

It may sound confusing, but it’s an important consideration when going into battle. When deciding who to pit against a certain enemy, you’re going to want to know the strengths and weaknesses of each Temtem, particularly since dual battle is a huge part of the game. You can see these details by consulting a Temtem type chart. In addition, you can take a look at a Temtem tier chart to see what other players think are the most powerful Temtem.

In terms of catching Temtem, it’s important to keep in mind that you can only catch untamed ones. That means that there’s no stealing from other trainers. If you find an untamed Temtem you’d like to catch, you must first bring its health down to red and then use a TemCard to catch it.

The chance of capture is never 100%, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. For example, both the freeze and asleep effects can increase the odds of catching a wild Temtem.


As you can see, Temtem’s take on the Pokémon genre has been a breath of fresh air. Though Temtem has taken a good deal of inspiration from the beloved Pokémon franchise, it has made thoughtful changes in response to popular opinion that have substantially improved its gameplay. Though it may not be a perfect game, it has certainly proven itself as one of the best Pokémon-like games in recent years, and it’s safe to say that players will be replaying it for years and years to come.  

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