How to Get Started with Projector Gaming 

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Though the older gamers amongst us remember the days when our systems only stretched as far as the attached cables, this is thankfully no longer the case. In addition to remote access, online gaming, and portable monitors, the next significant evolution in mobile gaming combines the humble projector and bleeding-edge technology to create gigantic displays on almost any flat surface. Notable examples include the Acer Predator GD711, which can create both FHD displays at 240Hz and 4K UHD using LED projection. Additional features include a remote made from anti-microbial materials, effortless wireless pairing and a built-in 10W speaker. 

The right projector can help you enjoy your favorite games on a PC or console. But finding the right projector and knowing how to identify it is arguably the most important factor in your buying decision. So rather than wasting your time and money on purchasing a projector that is technically incapable of meeting your needs, it is worth considering which qualities make for a worthwhile investment to get you started in projector gaming. 

Amount of Available Lighting and Space 

Much like you hopefully wouldn’t just place your Wi-Fi router in the first available location and hope for the best, the room where you plan on gaming makes a tremendous difference in the image quality produced by your projector. If you are gaming in a location with ambient or bright lighting, you will need anywhere from 1500-3000 lumens to avoid missing crucial information in the middle of a game.  

Darker or completely dark can get by with as little as 1000 lumens to give you a great view of the action, though having the ability to adjust settings based on environmental factors is crucial. By purchasing a gaming projector that you can change your picture settings at will to account for any lighting conditions, you ensure that you take your games with you without compromising quality. 

In addition to accommodating any issues with brightness, another essential consideration is whether the projector is short-throw or long throw. Long-throw projectors offer the most extensive display size available but require rooms of significant size to employ fully. Short throw projectors can create screens as large as 100 inches with relatively little physical space to utilize, making them more versatile for gaming needs. 

Refresh Rate of the Projector 

Much like with their full-sized and less portable counterparts, the refresh rate of your gaming projector can have an incredible impact on your performance, especially in competitive multiplayer environments. Issues with latency and lag time can instantly throw a wrench into your elaborate tactical plans, leaving you unexpectedly vulnerable or unprepared at a critical time.  

By ensuring your projector gaming is backed up by sufficiently robust technology of at least 120Hz per second, you can help prevent any infuriating technical glitches by creating a smooth and consistent channel for images being processed through your gaming device. So rather than wanting to rage quit your favorite games due to performance issues, why not invest in a gaming projector which can deliver victory consistently by providing above-average resolution and performance every time?

Screen or no Screen? 

While this might seem like a minor point of consideration, it should be noted that some models of gaming projector are specifically designed to deliver their best performance when used in conjunction with a projector screen. This sort of setup might well appeal to someone looking to upgrade their existing gaming room, but it will also frustrate gamers looking to cut cords and not have to carry heavy equipment back and forth.  

Though it is undoubtedly true that a projector needs a screen to recreate projected graphics at their highest quality, it can also represent a considerable investment in additional equipment along with the amount of room required for setup and storage. When it comes to purchasing a projector screen, key factors include the materials the screen is made from, its flexibility or rigidity, and its ability to reflect light. Other options include inflatable projector screens for outdoor usage, acoustically transparent screens to allow permeable sound, and purchasing a screen of a complimentary size with your projector. 

Audio Setup and Compatibility Options 

Unless your gaming projector also has a sound system built into the device itself, you will need to acquire additional audio components, ranging from a simple sound bar to a whole stereo system with surround sound. It is also worth considering a projector that can be paired with wired or wireless headphones to avoid causing any disturbances for those living with small children, roommates, or other cohabitants. Bluetooth speakers working singly or in concert can also serve as a fairly cost-effective solution to purchasing a full sound system. 

In addition to possessing at least two HDMI 2.0 ports with HDMI ARC or audio return channel, the humble 3.5mm coaxial jack can also come in handy. Without having an integrated speaker of sufficient strength, you may have to experiment to achieve the ideal acoustic environment.  

Desirable Features and Services 

While it almost seems like a cliché to offer a product with Wi-Fi connectivity, such features can be essential for achieving an ideal projector gaming experience. Though having a projector with internet-ready capabilities may not seem impressive, it becomes much more enjoyable when combined with desirable entertainment apps that come preinstalled. With these features and services working in concert, you can cut cords without sacrificing your favorite streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video through the third-party Aptoide TV APP market. 

Projector gaming flips the switch on gaming and the ways you can enjoy your favorite titles. But it’s a desirable way to get going on gaming and experience your games in a new way. 



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  • I project my games in a clear wall, no screen, and it still a great experience!


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