How the Acer TravelMate Vero Helps Your Company’s Green Initiatives

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The green PC market is rapidly evolving as companies like Acer continue to offer solutions for consumers and companies seeking eco-friendly solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. But the corporate world has surprisingly few options at its disposal to adopt green PCs. 

To address that, Acer offers its eco-friendly TravelMate Vero, a computer designed to provide the functionality that corporate users expect, like power under the hood, access to the software they care most about, and employee productivity enhancements.  

The TravelMate Vero has gone a long way in helping to establish green PCs in the corporate world and making it clear why companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint need to examine eco-friendly alternatives to the computers their employees currently use. 

As the corporate world increasingly turns towards green initiatives, computer usage will play an important role in helping companies achieve their goals. And the Acer TravelMate Vero will be vital in facilitating that transition. 

Driving sustainability commitments through hardware 

The Acer TravelMate Vero was designed for companies that want to drive sustainability goals without sacrificing design or value on the hardware side. 

Thirty percent of the TravelMate Vero’s case and 50% of its keyboard keycaps are made with post-consumer recycled plastic, reducing its carbon footprint by using previously used plastic instead of newly produced alternatives. The device was also built with a rugged design so employees can use it on the go without fear of damaging it. 

Acer’s TravelMate Vero also comes with standard screws to easily open the case. The computer was purposely built to allow companies to upgrade the computer with new components. That allows for the machine to stay in service for a longer period, reducing its total cost of ownership. The ability to upgrade the TravelMate Vero also means companies won’t need to buy additional computers with harmful chemicals and plastic that otherwise contribute to higher carbon emissions. 

An efficient yet powerful laptop 

Although the Acer TravelMate Vero is designed to be eco-friendly first, it doesn’t skimp on powerful features that will keep employees working at peak performance. 

The TravelMate Vero ships with the 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor to ensure it keeps pace with other powerful computers. You’ll find the option of up to 16GB of memory for fast software performance and the computer’s 1TB of solid-state drive should be enough for most employees. 

Since the TravelMate Vero was built for companies, it offers TPM to keep data safe and a Kensington Lock option to limit chances of the computer being stolen when unattended. There’s even biometric authorization built-in that verifies a person’s identity before they can open the TravelMate Vero and access its data. 

How software plays a role 

Software is a critical component in making the TravelMate Vero eco-conscious because it comes with Eco and Eco+ modes that are designed to reduce energy consumption and keep the TravelMate Vero’s battery life running as long as possible. 

When choosing the Eco power mode, the TravelMate Vero reduces system performance and turns off certain features to boost battery life and improve energy efficiency. The Eco+ power mode takes that even further and disables some critical functions to further improve battery life. 

But just because eco-friendly battery features are available, TravelMate Vero users aren’t required to use them. A Balanced Mode is designed to effectively balance energy efficiency and performance, so users don’t need to choose between power and eco-friendliness. The Acer TravelMate Vero’s Performance mode is designed to optimize power and performance over energy-efficiency and battery life. 

One other note on software: the TravelMate Vero ships with Acer’s Commercial BIOS, giving IT professionals more control over the computer’s configuration and performance. You can even customize the startup logo and input information about the company’s sustainability and environmental initiatives on startup to further convey its commitment to eco-consciousness. 

An eye on mobile productivity 

Since mobile productivity is such an important component in today’s remote workforce, the TravelMate Vero should be an ideal companion.  

Since it offers an efficient design and powerful battery-saving software features, the TravelMate Vero boasts an outstanding battery life. The TravelMate Vero also ships with Wi-Fi 6 for ultra-fast wireless connectivity. To accommodate the many accessories corporate users may want to use with the computer, Acer’s TravelMate Vero has a single USB 3.2 Type-C port, along with three USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports. One of the Type-A ports can also charge the computer when it’s powered off. 

When users are on the go, they can also use the TravelMate Vero for conference calls with Acer’s TrueHarmony, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Acer’s PurifiedVoice features. Those services combine to create stellar noise reduction, improved audio functioning, and ideal microphone performance. And since the computer ships with a 15.6-inch full-HD display, users will be able to see those they’re communicating with in crystal clear visuals. 

Acer’s TravelMate Vero was designed for companies that need the best of both worlds. On one hand, companies require outstanding performance to keep employees working and productive on the go, and the TravelMate Vero delivers. On the other hand, companies are also seeking eco-friendly products to drive their sustainability goals and once again, the TravelMate Vero performs. 

Regardless of whether you’re eyeing new computers or you simply want to dive into the green PC market with a new solution, the TravelMate Vero offers the balance of power, productivity, and eco-friendliness companies desire. 


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