10 YouTube Channels That Will Educate Your Kids in 2022

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Although YouTube is best known for its viral content and the incredible variety of available videos, there are some high-quality educational resources if you know where to look. Check out some of the top 10 YouTube channels that will help educate your kids and help ensure their internet entertainment is age-appropriate and informative. 

Bright Side 

If your child delights in finding out random facts, solving puzzles, and generally stretching their brain to maximum capacity, Bright Side offers an excellent channel for capturing the interest of tweens and teenagers. On top of a plethora of weird and interesting facts for your child to add to their mental lists, Bright Side also contains videos on various scientific subjects. These include the survivability of black holes and the impact of kinetic energy on low earth orbit objects like satellites and the International Space Station. If your child loves TV shows like Outrageous Acts of Science that delve into the details of various fields of study while keeping them interesting and relatable, this channel is calling their name. 

Kids Learning Tube 

An excellent resource for younger children, Kids Learning Tube is well known for its impressive collection of educational videos. Each video helps explain concepts of varying complexity, such as the composition of the Solar System, the importance of good mental health, and why it is so important to eat your vegetables. If your child is a fan of original songs set to unique and entertaining animations, they will love learning about famous historical inventors, how to stay motivated and positive, and so much more. 

Netflix Jr. 

Given the increasing prices that many streaming services like Netflix are charging, the Netflix Jr.YouTube channel is an excellent means of enjoying service-exclusive content without spending anything. With basic educational programs like Numberblocks and CoCoMellon and more complex shows like Doc McStuffins and Ada Twist, Scientist, Netflix Jr. offers educational content on YouTube for various ages. 

Smithsonian Channel 

As a nationally and world-renowned museum, the Smithsonian Institution Channel on YouTube represents an incredibly vast historical and cultural resource for children of all ages. Rather than having to make the potentially long trip to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, with your kids in tow, why not check out their collection of videos and other resources to entertain and educate? 

Houston Zoo 

Should your child have a Snow-White complex and be a friend to all animals, big and small, you are likely familiar with having to pack up your car and head to the zoo regularly. Instead of dealing with crowded conditions and potentially disappointing displays, you should consider introducing the Houston Zoo YouTube channel to your kids. They can watch videos about their favorite animals without you having to pay for admission fees and over-priced food from the snack stand. 


One of the most revered and respected producers of educational content for children, PBS (public broadcasting station) has been responsible for inspiring entire generations to love education with programs like the seminal Reading Rainbow. In addition, WordWorldPBS offers your child a plethora of animal-related content and several animated videos to keep their interest as they learn. 

Sesame Street 

Having been a staple of children’s television since its debut in 1969, Sesame Street has been a paragon of education and entertainment for at least three generations. The Sesame StreetYouTube channel is equally impressive. It is jam-packed with videos for all kids to help your child learn and develop their own interests with music, dancing, and original songs galore. 


If you find your child wants to show interest in your hour-long TED Talk but lacks the attention span to do so, you should direct them to the TED-Ed YouTube channel post haste. In addition to covering complex scientific and educational topics in more age-appropriate formats, TED-Ed also introduces deep philosophical concepts that they will ponder for years to come. 

Smart Girls 

Tweens and older children will find inspiration from learning more about social issues like climate change and viewing profiles of famous women across history and their incredible accomplishments. Created partly by Amy Poehler, Smart Girls exists to keep young women informed and help “cultivate their authentic selves.” 


Are you constantly being asked a stream of potentially difficult questions like “why is the sky blue?”, “How does the rain work?” and “why am I not allowed to give candy to the dog?” If so, SciShow will help inform your young scholar. Each video seeks to answer such questions in depth, giving your child a new direction for their inquiries and hopefully giving you a small break. 

It’s Okay to Be Smart 

If your child feels dismissed or not challenged by their educational environment or peers, it is essential to remind them that It’s Ok to Be Smart. Hosted by Joe Hanson, who holds a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology, your child will be delighted to watch someone who understands the true joy that learning new information can bring. 

As some of the best YouTube channels for educating your kids, these selections will provide hours and hours of age-appropriate and informative entertainment. Check out these channels yourself to learn more and jumpstart your child’s education today.

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