5 Best 4K TVs You Can Use as a Computer Monitor

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Everyone’s trying to level up their work-from-home setup. One of the best ways to make remote work life as comfortable and as efficient as can be is with a new 4K TV—and they’re growing in popularity. 4K TVs are now present in at least 44% of U.S. households. 

Why should you use a 4K TV as a computer monitor? What are the best 4K TVs out there that can do double-duty as a computer monitor? Let’s take a look. 

4K TVs: Can I Use a TV As a Computer Monitor? 

It’s no secret that more people are working from home than ever before. With new remote work lifestyles come new needs for the home office.  

Enter a 4K TV. For one, this is a great option for a computer monitor because it can do double-duty: Computer monitor for work during the day and TV for movies, shows, and gaming at night. 4K TVs can also be easily outfitted with accessories like webcams for both work and play. 

They’re also surprisingly affordable options. It’s obvious that bigger monitors deliver a better experience. But 4K computer monitors can get pretty steep in price. On the other hand, almost all TVs bigger than 40 inches are 4K anyway, these days. By using a 4K TV, you’ll likely save money since you won’t have to splash out on an expensive 4K monitor—and you’ll get better resolution to boot. 

Best 4K TVs To Use as Monitors 

Of course, some 4K TVs are better positioned to moonlight as computer monitors than others.  

Here are our picks when it comes time to shop for the best tv to use as a monitor: 

1) Samsung QN85A QLED 

Sizes: 55”, 65”, 76”, 85” 

Price on Amazon for 55”: $1,197.95 

First up, the Samsung QN85A QLED is considered one of the all-around best when shopping for a TV PC monitor. 

Perhaps most importantly, you can be sure that this TV won’t give you any problems when you’re working in a bright room. Not only does it get bright enough to combat any glare, but it also has good reflection handling, which makes it a good option for pretty much any lighting condition.  

This Samsung has a very good response time and exceptionally low input lag, so you can count on a smooth experience, whether you’re scrolling through spreadsheets or joining a Zoom call with this TV PC monitor. Plus, its RGB subpixel layout means text will appear crisp and clear to reduce headaches throughout the work day. 

2) Samsung UE43TU7100 

Size: 43”, 50”, 55”, 58”, 60”, 65”, 70”, 75”, 85” 

Price on Amazon for 43”: $457.99 

Another option from Samsung, this one is a solid budget option for those who are looking for a 4K PC for monitor use. 

Available at 43”, this model offers more size options than the Samsung QN85A—which might be just what you’re seeking if you have a smaller home office.  

What makes this option a stand-out is its special features: You’ll find many features and extras with the affordable Samsung UE43TU7100 that are usually reserved for much higher-end models.  

For example, the Samsung UE43TU7100 has auto low latency mode. This means this TV is smart enough to automatically switch to game mode when a game input signal is detected—perfect for a quick change at the end of the work day when you’re ready to switch from work to play. 

The downside to this option, however, is that it only includes two HDMI ports, so you may need to swap around some cables to get it set up with your computer. 

3) Sony KD-43X80J 

Sizes: 43”, 55” 

Price on Amazon for 43”: $708.69 

Coming in with a slightly more expensive price tag, the Sony KD-43X80J is another small-screen option to consider if you’re shopping for a TV as computer monitor. 

Some will consider this Sony model as an entry-level 4K TV since it lacks some of the more sophisticated features you’d see from higher-end TVs. For example, the Sony KD-43X80J doesn’t perform the best in well-lit rooms as its brightness and reflection handling capabilities are only decent. Unfortunately, this means glare can be an issue if you’re using this TV as monitor.  

That said, this Sony 4K TV has a quick response time and low input lag, which means you’ll get a good desktop experience. For instance, you shouldn’t notice too much motion blur when you’re scrolling through long documents or reports. It also offers a good, wide viewing angle. 

Plus, it’s worth pointing out that opting for a smaller-sized 4K TV as a computer monitor may actually be the smarter choice; the smaller size will help increase the pixel density which, in turn, ensures better clarity when reading dense texts. 

4) LG UP8000 

Sizes: 43”, 55”, 65”, 75” 

Price on Amazon for 55”: $644.01. 

Another notable budget option, this 4K TV from LG is a solid choice for use as a computer monitor.  

To start, it uses the same panel as the Samsung QLED, which gives it a great, wide viewing angle and solid text clarity with its BGR subpixel layout and Chroma 4:4:4 support. It also has very low input lag, so work-at-home users can enjoy mouse movements that always feel responsive.  

But for the budget price, there are some sacrifices. The LG UP8000 won’t get bright enough to completely fight glare, so it’s not the best choice for working long hours in a bright room. Plus, the 120Hz backlight has flickered in tests, so it’s likely that you may see some image duplication when viewing fast-moving content. 

That said, the LG UP8000 is an all-around high-performing 4K TV that will certainly do the trick if you’re looking for a double-duty TV as monitor. 

5) LG C1 OLED 

Sizes: 48”, 55”, 65”, 77”, 83” 

Price on Amazon for 55”: $1,399.00. 

Finally, the LG C1 OLED is perhaps the best 4K TV on the market—or certainly the best 4K TV with an OLED panel.  

Unlike LED panels, this LG C1 OLED can produce perfect black levels. It has self-lit pixels that can be turned off individually. This means the TV can produce an almost infinite contrast ratio to deliver crystal-clear pictures with no blooming around bright objects. Bear in mind, however, that you may risk some permanent burn-in with the LG C1 OLED if you leave static elements on the screen for too long, so make sure you have a moving screensaver set up if you’re using it as a monitor to work from home. 

All in all, its low input lag, near-instantaneous response time, and wide viewing angle make the LG C1 OLED a popular choice for use as a computer monitor.  

The average work day keeps on changing. Whether you’re working from the couch or you’re set up in a home office, a 4K TV as a computer monitor is the new way to get the job done.

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