5 Sustainable Products to Help Your Tech Become More Eco-Friendly

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As the sustainable tech industry continues to evolve, an increasing number of products are entering the market with an eye on reducing carbon emissions, improving sustainability, and ultimately benefiting the environment. 

But like anything else in the tech industry, finding products that are both environmentally friendly and work well can be a chore. If you spend enough time looking for green tech products, you’ll undoubtedly find some winners. But it’ll take some time to discern which green tech products are actually aiming at sustainability and which eco-friendly products really do little to push green initiatives. 

That’s why Acer has invested so heavily in green tech. With our Vero line of products, Acer leads the way in offering sustainable tech that consumers can actually enjoy. But we’re not alone. So, we’ve compiled the following roundup of five outstanding green tech products you should consider if you’re in the market for eco-friendly tech. 

Acer Aspire Vero 

Acer’s Aspire Vero line is designed with eco-friendly features and sustainability in mind at all times. 

Our computer lineup features a host of green features, including post-consumer recycled plastic and an Eco+ low-power mode to ensure the machine has less of an impact on the environment during use. You’ll also find the same post-consumer recycled plastic on the Aspire Vero’s keyboard and if you want to upgrade the machine, which reduces harmful waste by reducing the number of computers sent to the junk heap, we’ve made it easy by building it with standard-size screws. 

Aside from that, you can count on the Aspire Vero to deliver the same high-quality computing experience you’d expect from other Acer machines, thanks to powerful Intel processors, Windows 11, and more.  

Philips Hue White and Color Smart Bulb Starter Kit 

One of the nice things about the Philips Hue White and Color Smart Bulb Starter Kit is that it allows you to decide when your lights should be on — and at what intensity. 

For decades, lights running in the home have been among the most troublesome products for the environmentally conscious. Philips’ smart light bulbs aim at addressing that by allowing you to fully control the LED lights from your phone, assign a schedule to when they’re on and off, and even decide if they should be running at full power or not. Philips’ smart bulbs also come with colored light options, so you can set the mood for any room or setting. 

The Philips Hue White and Color Smart Bulb Starter Kit comes with your choice of two or four bulbs that connect to your smartphone. You can even control your lights with voice-based platforms like Amazon’s Alexa. 

Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries 

Panasonic’s Eneloop rechargeable batteries are ideal options for anyone who wants to improve their eco-friendliness with reliable green tech. 

The batteries are designed with sustainability in mind and allow you to recharge them more than 2,100 times before you need to buy new ones. After 10 years, Panasonic says the batteries will maintain 70% of their charge. And if that’s not enough, the batteries, which come in most sizes, including AA and AAA, have all been pre-charged with solar power to even further reduce their impact on the environment. 

You will pay a bit more for rechargeable batteries than standard disposable batteries, but if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint with rechargeable batteries that will keep your products powered up, the Panasonic Eneloop are a great place to start. 

Vero Macaron Mouse 

In addition to our line of Vero PCs, Acer has also expanded our Vero products to accessories. And one of our most popular options among environmentally conscious shoppers is the Vero Macaron Mouse. 

The Acer Macaron Vero Mouse comes with an ergonomic design made in part from post-industrial recycled plastic to reduce its impact on the environment.  

But on the functionality side, the Macaron Vero Mouse performs how you’d wish with up to 10 meters of wireless range. It also features 1200 DPI for accurate tracking and a smooth and silent scrolling wheel to help you navigate content. 

BioLite SolarHome 620 

Although there’s plenty of high-quality green tech on the market, you may find that your home still has a host of outdated and less environmentally friendly products. And that’s where the BioLite SolarHome 620 comes in. 

The bundle comes with a solar panel that you place outside the home. As the panel absorbs solar rays, it converts that to energy through a connected central control box. Once the control box is powered up, you can power up to three hanging lights and USB-connected devices, like a smartphone.  

BioLite says its bundle is ideal for “vans, sheds, or the new power outage,” but it’s also a fine replacement for products in the home that are still reliant upon the energy grid to power up. 


Buying sustainable tech products is getting easier than ever as new products hit the market. Better yet, the green tech products that are entering the market come with outstanding features and performance to ensure they hold up against their less-environmentally friendly alternatives. 

If you’re in the market to buy green products, the time is now. And whether you opt for the Vero Macaron Mouse or Philips Hue light bulbs, you’ll quickly find your efficiency boosted — and your environmental impact reduced. 


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