Did Helldivers 2 Players Unwittingly Summon the Illuminate? 


The popular video game Helldivers 2 has taken an unexpected turn of events that has players and gaming communities buzzing. The sci-fi third-person shooter, released in 2023 by Arrowhead Game Studios, tasks players with taking on the role of elite soldiers charged with protecting Super Earth and its interests across the galaxy. Through hardcore co-op gameplay, players complete missions by deploying to various planets while facing challenges from hostile factions and otherworldly threats. 

However, the recent in-game event surrounding the destruction of the planet Meridia has raised many questions and spawned numerous theories about the reappearance of an ancient and formidable enemy—the Illuminate. 

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Meridia's Demise 

The planet Meridia, a super colony of insectoids known as Terminids, serves as a crucial battleground in the fight against the game’s extraterrestrial threats. The destruction of Meridia is a significant event that marks a turning point in the game’s story. 

As players progress through the game, they are tasked with completing increasingly difficult missions on Meridia. These missions involve sabotaging enemy infrastructure, rescuing prisoners of war, and ultimately confronting the planet’s formidable defenses. The culmination of these efforts leads to an intense final battle where players must activate a powerful device designed to eradicate the enemy's presence. 

However, the activation of this device has unforeseen consequences. Instead of simply wiping out the enemy, it triggers a catastrophic chain reaction that tears the planet apart. The resulting explosion is so powerful that it creates a black hole, swallowing what remains of Meridia and altering the fabric of space around it.

Speculation on the Summoning of the Illuminate 

Strange phenomena that start occurring soon after the black hole's formation have led to speculation about how something far more sinister has been unleashed. Bizarre celestial events, reality-warping anomalies, and ominous decrypted transmissions seem to point to the involvement of an ancient and powerful alien race—the Illuminate. 

Background records reveal that the Illuminate were an advanced civilization that achieved mastery over spacetime manipulation and reality warping technologies. They ruled the galaxy with an iron fist through tyrannical mind control until they were eventually overthrown and went into hiding eons ago. However, disturbing hints from in-game lore entries and environmental storytelling suggest that the Helldivers may have unwittingly opened a rift or gateway that allowed the Illuminate to begin their return. 

While the connections are largely theoretical at this stage, players and lore experts have compiled an extensive list of potential clues that could substantiate the Illuminate's reappearance: 

  • Rifts in spacetime appearing during missions, with strange alien structures emerging from them. 
  • Heavily encrypted transmissions decrypted through gameplay that contain ominous references to "the awakened ones" and "the unraveling of reality's fabric." 
  • Bizarre celestial phenomena like stars blinking out of existence or planets experiencing inexplicable electromagnetic storms. 
  • Hostile alien organisms and technology unlike anything previously encountered, likely seeded by the Illuminate. 
  • Increasingly unnerving experiences reported by players of perceived reality distortions and potential mind influencing effects during missions. 

The overall implication seems to be that the black hole's formation may have created the cosmic disturbance that drew the Illuminate's attention and allowed them to begin asserting their influence once more. 

Gaming Community Theories and Reactions 

News of these developments has led to intense discussions and theory-crafting across forums, social media, and gaming channels. Some believe that the black hole was a Trojan horse orchestrated by the Illuminate from the very beginning, perhaps even manipulating the Cyborg faction to engineer the conditions for Meridia's destruction. Others are more skeptical, arguing that the coincidences could be explained as unintended side effects rather than a premeditated strike by the Illuminate.  

Despite the differing viewpoints, the consensus is that the Helldivers community is in for a brutal struggle should the Illuminate be proven to have returned. In gameplay footage, the alien organisms, technology, and artifacts showcased appear to be operating on a scale and wielding capabilities far beyond anything the Super Earth forces have yet encountered. 

Speculation about Future Story Developments 

With developer Arrowhead Game Studios having historically subscribed to a "show, don't tell" approach to narrative reveals, the Helldivers community is rife with predictions about where the story could go next and how their actions may have catalyzed an existential threat to all reality. 

Popular theories include: 

  • An escalating conflict between Super Earth and the Illuminate's forces, with the battlegrounds shifting across planets, moons, star systems, and even higher dimensions of existence. 
  • Gameplay that progressively departs from the traditional shooting and objectives into mind-bending reality warping experiences and existential battles beyond physical realms. 
  • Unlikely alliances being forged between the Helldivers and former enemy factions like the Cyborgs and Bugs to combat the common threat of the Illuminate. 
  • Helldivers being granted new gameplay abilities and weapons technologies, potentially of Illuminate origin, to help turn the tide. 
  • The eventual arrival of reinforcements from other intergalactic powers to aid in the fight against the Illuminate and prevent a total cosmic unraveling. 
  • A shock reveal that the Helldivers, and even the players themselves, may have been subconsciously influenced by the Illuminate from the very start in ways yet to be understood. 

Only time, further campaign expansions from Arrowhead, and Helldivers 2 updates will reveal the truth. But one thing is certain—if the Illuminate have indeed set their sights on returning, the citizens of Super Earth and players of Helldivers 2 could be in for one of the most metaphysically rich, mind-twisting, and brutal challenges the gaming world has ever seen. 

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