Best Truck Driving Simulator Games in 2024

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What are truck-driving simulator games? A truck driving simulator game is a type of video game that aims to replicate the experience of driving a truck. These games offer players the opportunity to take on the role of a truck driver, often tasked with transporting cargo across various terrains and weather conditions. The gameplay typically includes realistic driving mechanics, such as managing fuel consumption, adhering to traffic laws, and handling the unique challenges of maneuvering large vehicles. Some popular features in truck driving simulators are detailed truck interiors, dynamic weather systems, and expansive open-world maps that mimic real-world locations. These simulators often appeal to enthusiasts who enjoy the intricacies of driving heavy vehicles and the strategic aspects of logistics and route planning.

Without further adieu, here are the best truck-driving simulator games to play in 2024.

1. Euro Truck Sim 2

  • Year of Release: 2012 
  • Developer: SCS Software

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a high-quality simulator game known for its relaxing and immersive experience. Players start by naming their driver and company, then gradually build their trucking empire by driving for different companies, earning money to buy their own trucks, depots, and hire staff. The game offers a realistic driving experience with customizable difficulty settings, allowing players to adjust truck handling and traffic laws to suit their preferences. 

The game's condensed map of Europe features diverse scenery and driving challenges, further enhanced by DLCs that add more detailed areas. The driving mechanics provide a realistic sense of weight and momentum, making the gameplay engaging.  

Despite being nearly 12 years old, Euro Truck Simulator 2 continues to be popular due to regular updates and a dedicated community. The recent addition of multiplayer support allows for cooperative play, making it a worthwhile investment for both casual and hardcore players. 

2. American Truck Simulator

  • Year of Release: 2016 
  • Developer: SCS Software

American Truck Simulator is the US version of the popular Euro Truck Simulator 2. Developed by a different team within SCS Software, it maintains the same level of detail and realism. Despite not achieving the same fame as its European counterpart, it offers a highly immersive experience with licensed trucks from brands like Peterbilt and Kenworth, and a large, detailed map of the US West Coast. Players transport cargo between depots, earning money and experience to upgrade their skills and fleet. The game features customizable difficulty, controller support, and a new Convoy mode for multiplayer. It also supports a wide range of mods and has VR capability. 

American Truck Simulator allows players to tweak various aspects of their driving experience, from the stability of the truck to the strength of the brakes and even driver fatigue. The game offers a relaxing yet engaging experience as players drive through varied landscapes, from the green hills of Washington to the barren deserts of New Mexico. Customization is a significant aspect, with nearly every part of the trucks being modifiable. While the game shares some minor issues with its predecessor, such as weak anti-aliasing and occasional AI traffic problems, these are outweighed by its many strengths, making it a highly recommended game for trucking enthusiasts and casual players alike.

3. Snowrunner

  • Year of Release: 2020 
  • Developer: Saber Interactive

SnowRunner is an open-world off-road truck simulator that delivers a uniquely challenging and rewarding experience. Unlike traditional games that test reflexes or tactical smarts, SnowRunner pits players against harsh terrains like waterlogged swamps, muddy bogs, and snow-covered trails. The game requires strategic planning, patience, and careful decision-making to overcome obstacles. Players must choose the right tools, manage fuel wisely, and pick appropriate routes to succeed. Despite occasional frustrations with camera angles, upgrade restrictions, and menu navigation, the game's immersive and realistic world keeps players engaged. Each mission feels like a boss fight against nature, where success depends on smart driving and preparation, while failure often leads to therapeutic moments of reflection. 

The game involves completing quests, earning money, upgrading vehicles, and unlocking new routes. The satisfaction of clearing objectives and making progress is deeply rewarding, especially after overcoming difficult challenges. SnowRunner also offers a cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to team up and tackle missions together, which adds a new layer of strategic depth. The game's focus on physics-based mechanics and detailed world design provides a soothing yet engrossing experience. Whether played solo or with friends, SnowRunner captivates with its blend of arduous labor and serene moments, making it a standout in the simulation genre.

4. Mudrunner

  • Year of Release: 2017 
  • Developer: Saber Interactive

MudRunner is a sequel to the popular off-road simulator SpinTires. Developed by Pavel Zagrebelny and published by Focus Home Interactive, it builds on its predecessor with new content and improvements. The game emphasizes survival and strategic planning over speed, challenging players to navigate rugged terrains in Russia with massive off-road vehicles, many of which are repurposed ex-Soviet military trucks.  

Players must transport logs from log stations to lumber mills across diverse maps such as swamps, islands, and mountains. The realistic physics system and dynamic terrain make every journey unique and difficult, often requiring the use of winches, careful fuel management, and gear shifting. 

Completing deliveries while contending with the unpredictable and treacherous terrain is what makes this game so special. MudRunner demands patience and caution, rewarding players who can carefully plan their routes and manage their resources. The game's visuals and sound design enhance the immersive experience, capturing the raw and rugged feel of the outdoors. With features like a cockpit view and full modding support, MudRunner offers an authentic and challenging off-road simulation. While it can be frustrating at times, the game is addictive and rewarding for those who enjoy meticulous and strategic gameplay.

5. Scania Truck Driving Simulator

  • Year of Release: 2012 
  • Developer: SCS Software

Scania Truck Driving Simulator, developed by SCS Software and now 12 years old, focuses on the precision driving skills required for tight deliveries rather than the long-haul experiences offered by games like Euro Truck Simulator 2. Players face a series of challenging missions that test their ability to maneuver large trucks through complex environments filled with obstacles such as parked cars, fallen logs, and stacked containers. The game emphasizes the use of mirrors and awareness of the truck's position at all times. While the graphics and controls are well-executed, some missions present visibility issues, and the inability to look forward out of the window is a noted frustration. 

The game's core consists of dangerous driving challenges and practical tests, which help improve truck handling skills. Although it includes some unrealistic missions, like navigating a rickety bridge, Scania Truck Driving Simulator offers a satisfying break from the monotonous motorway driving of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Additional features include reaction tests, a city map with tight delivery spots, and an online leaderboard for tracking performance against other players. Despite minor drawbacks, the game is praised for its ability to teach players precise truck handling and provide a unique, skill-based driving experience.

6. FIA European Truck Racing Championship

  • Year of Release: 2019 
  • Developer: N-1 Racing by Bigben Interactive

FIA European Truck Racing Championship, developed by N-1 Racing and Bigben Interactive, offers a unique take on the racing genre by putting players behind the wheel of 5-ton big rigs. The game stands out with its distinctive racing experience, focusing on the challenges of maneuvering these massive vehicles on real-world tracks, including F1 circuits.  

The trucks’ handling is both cumbersome and thrilling, providing a sense of driving beyond the vehicles' limits. Players must master braking, accelerating, and steering, often performing one action at a time, which adds to the game’s authenticity. The inclusion of real-life drivers and a career mode that features the European Truck Racing Championship and a fictitious World Series Tour further enriches the experience. 

However, FIA European Truck Racing Championship suffers from several drawbacks that dampen its overall appeal. The game’s visuals are outdated, and the supporting features feel slapped on, with a repetitive and mistimed narrator and generic collision effects. The career mode's progression system is slow, requiring players to freelance for multiple teams before securing a longer-term contract for vehicle upgrades. Additionally, the game's AI drivers are inconsistent, alternating between overly aggressive and timid behaviors, which can be frustrating. Despite these issues, the game’s core racing mechanics are solid, making it a niche title that may appeal to fans of unconventional racing simulators. While it doesn’t quite reach the heights of other motorsport games, it offers a distinct and challenging racing experience that some players may find rewarding.

7. Motor Town: Behind The Wheel

  • Year of Release: Early Access in 2021 
  • Developer: P3 Games

More to Town: Behind the Wheel is an open-world driving game that combines realistic driving mechanics with a variety of vehicle-based jobs. Players can engage in cargo deliveries, bus driving, taxi services, and more, earning money to purchase new cars and parts. The game emphasizes driving skills and offers a racetrack for testing abilities. 

Despite its simple graphics, the game excels in gameplay, allowing players to interact with various vehicles, from trucks to sports cars. Players can also take on different roles such as ambulance drivers or police officers, adding variety and depth to the experience. The multiplayer mode supports up to 10 players, enhancing the social aspect of the game. 

As players progress, they level up their driving skills and can unlock more advanced vehicles and jobs. Starting with basic tasks, they can eventually manage their own fleet, increasing their profits by avoiding middlemen. The game is still in early access, with future updates expected to expand content and features, including dedicated servers and additional vehicles. 

More to Town: Behind the Wheel shines in its driving mechanics, considered some of the best with a controller. While there are areas for improvement, such as AI behavior and map size, the game offers a deeply immersive and rewarding experience. It's a standout indie title that promises great potential, particularly for those who appreciate detailed and realistic driving simulations.

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