10 Tips for Finding PC Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022

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Although an exact date for Amazon Prime Day 2022 has yet to be officially announced, the annual site-wide sale is an excellent opportunity for PC enthusiasts to upgrade their rig, purchase a new one, or even purchase the components to build one themselves. It is undoubtedly true that the two-day retail event will bring impressive discounts and deals, but only the savviest customers will be able to take maximum advantage and score their dream digital devices. Check out these ten tips for finding PC deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022 to get the most bang for your buck. 

Sign Up for Amazon Prime If You Haven’t Already to Get Access to The Deals 

It will come as no surprise to anyone who is already a customer of Amazon Prime, but you will need to be signed up to the service to take advantage of the available deals. You can either sign up for an annual subscription that costs $99 per year or a 30-day free trial, but without an Amazon Prime membership, you will have to search elsewhere for PC deals. 

Amazon Prime Day Does Not Mean Amazon is The Only Game in Town 

 Due to the incredible amount of goods sold by Amazon during its Prime Day event, other retailers have subsequently come to offer comparable discount levels in order to remain competitive. Companies with great PC deals on Amazon Prime Day include Lenovo, NewEgg, Best Buy, Dell, Walmart, and others. Shopping around for the best deals across the web on Amazon Prime Day may lead to unexpectedly cheap discoveries. 

Enable 1-Click Purchasing to Avoid Missing Out on Deals 

Although this advice should be taken cautiously in a household with small children, setting up 1-click purchasing can make the difference between victory and defeat in the fast-paced environment of Amazon Prime Day. The ability to purchase things with a single swipe or push of a button makes it easy to buy and keep hunting for deals. 

Check Out Lightning Deals, Steep Discounts for Limited Amounts of Time 

A staple of the Amazon Prime Day sales event, Lightning Deals, are posted over the course of the two-day retail holiday, offering incredible discounts on devices like smart speakers, PC peripherals, and more. In addition to being limited in terms of time, these deals are also notorious for limited stock, so take advantage of them while you can.  

Sign up for An Amazon Rewards Credit Card 

In addition to being a member of Amazon Prime, you could also consider signing up for an Amazon Rewards Credit Card to get the most out of any PC-related purchases. If you have the budget to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on PC deals, you should consider getting as much as 5% of any purchases made in Amazon store credit. 

Consider Settling for A More Generic Product, If Possible 

Due to the rise of prestige pricing, many consumers are convinced that only a name-brand product will do when shopping for PCs. Although this advice can apply when purchasing entire computers, components and peripherals that are more generic can be just as effective. You should always look through the reviews and ensure the device is compatible with your PC, but you might save yourself a lot of money. 

For Alexa Owners, You Can Ask Her Directly What’s on Sale 

For those who are not only Amazon Prime Members but also own Alexa-enabled smart home devices, you can simply ask her to let you know what is on sale during Prime Day. Being able to focus on your smartphone or PC while having Alexa read-off deals will help ensure you stay well informed. 

Spotlight Deals Highlight Amazon’s Most Popular PC Products 

Whereas Lightning Deals offer better savings in terms of the discount provided, Spotlight Deals help bring attention to the most popular products bought by customers in various categories. This feature will allow you to see PCs, monitors, Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, cases, and many other computer-related components that have been used and reviewed by actual consumers. 

Shop For Components If You Possess the Aptitude to Modify or Build A PC 

Since the price of a laptop can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the technology incorporated, those with experience building their own PCs from scratch can make out like bandits on Prime Day. It is generally far less expensive to purchase RAM, hard drives, and other components than an entirely new PC. If you know your way around a set of mini screwdrivers and possess appropriate knowledge of electrical safety procedures, you can assemble your dream machine by investing some sweat equity. 

Download The Amazon App to Keep Track of Deals and Get Credits 

In the run-up to the annual announcement of Prime Day, Amazon has taken to offering users of the Amazon Prime app digital credits in advance of the retail holiday to encourage customer spending. It is also worth noting that downloading the Amazon mobile app is an excellent means of receiving Lightning Deals and other notifications, which can help you snag desirable products and save money simultaneously. 

Given the sheer effect that Amazon’s Prime Day unleashes on the consumer marketplace every year, you can find a plethora of deals for PCs and everything related to them, both on Amazon as well as other PC retailers. These tips will help you make the best decisions for your budget and hopefully help you land the PC purchase of your dreams. 



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