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The U.S. Department of Health recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week for adults. However, awkward or long working hours, family commitments, or lack of time may be some reasons why workers cannot hit the gym for an after-work exercise session. With smart devices reminding us of our fitness levels and step count while we work long hours at a desk job, many people are trying to maintain an active lifestyle as they work. Some options for exercise at work include standing desks, walking meetings, or packing in a gym session during lunch breaks. Many companies realize that a healthy workforce boosts workplace productivity and provides on-site wellness or fitness classes for employees. 

Benefits of exercising during work  

Exercising during work kills two birds with one stone by helping us keep fit while we do our daily tasks. Here are some reasons why we should incorporate exercise into our working lives.  

1. Boosts heart health 

One of the top ways to maintain a healthy heart is to exercise regularly. Movement increases the size of our heart chambers, reducing the effort required to send blood throughout the body. Regular exercise and a healthy diet also reduce the risk of heart issues like atrial fibrillation, which comes with a higher risk of stroke caused by a blood clot. Overall, exercise benefits all of our muscles, including our heart.  

2. Promotes blood circulation 

Poor blood circulation can lead to various health issues like cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise increases blood flow and helps the heart pump blood around our bodies faster. It enhances the amount of blood circulating through our bodies by up to 25%, keeping our blood vessels flexible and reducing the risk of high blood pressure.  

3. Improves posture 

Office jobs and sitting for long hours can cause poor posture and discomfort. Our skeletal system becomes accustomed to sitting in unnatural positions which can lead to long-term issues and reduced blood flow. The good news is that exercise and stretches help alleviate the negative impact of poor posture through improved muscle strength. In particular, exercises that focus on the back and stomach can correct poor posture. 

4. Decreases brain fog 

Exercise produces mood-boosting dopamine chemicals in our brains, which is why we feel good after a workout. Compare that to how we feel after a day sitting hunched over a desk, and the benefits of exercise for our brains become clear. Around 30 minutes of moderate exercise is all it takes to release proteins into the bloodstream, including those linked to improved mood and cognitive ability.  

5. Reduces stress 

The Mayo Clinic recommends including exercise as part of a stress management plan as it boosts endorphins and limits our fight or flight responses when faced with high-pressure situations. Reduced stress levels also put less pressure on our hearts, promoting a healthier cardiovascular system. Furthermore, increased exercise also helps improve our sleep patterns, which are often negatively impacted by stress.

6. Enhances energy levels 

Sitting behind a screen all day can wreak havoc on our energy levels, particularly after lunch. Exercise sends oxygen and nutrients to our body’s tissues and boosts our overall cardiovascular system, giving us more energy to face the day. Although intense exercise sessions can make us tired, an active lifestyle helps us feel less fatigued in the long run. Ditch the energy drinks and start exercising more for enhanced energy levels, instead. 

What is a desk bike? 

A desk bike is a stationary bike that lets users cycle while they work. Desk bikes fit comfortably under standard-sized desks and are adjustable according to height, so users can exercise while handling the day’s to-do list. They are practical options for those working from home with limited space for gym equipment or office workers without the option of going to a gym. Bike desks are also great for those who already have an active lifestyle but want to avoid long periods of inactivity while sitting down. 

Acer eKinekt BD3

The Acer eKinekt BD3 is a power-generating bike desk that supports a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. With a built-in desk, the Acer eKinekt BD3 offers an all-in-one solution for exercising while working. The eKinekt App lets users track riding duration, distance, and speed while keeping an eye on calories burned and watts generated, and their pedaling power uses kinetic energy to charge laptops and other devices, giving them the motivation to maintain movement as they work. Moreover, riders can choose between Working Mode and Sports Mode to efficiently combat the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle. The desk surface is closer to the chair during Working Mode, which allows users to sit up straight as they type. The desk is positioned further forward in Sports Mode, letting users lean in like they are riding a bike and boosting intensity during breaks or downtime. 

Acer eKinekt BD3 Specifications 

  • Three USB ports 
  • Bag hook  
  • Beverage holder 
  • Information display detailing speed, distance, desk height, bike resistance, and power generated.  


There are many benefits to regular exercise beyond weight loss. Reduced stress, better sleep, and improved posture are just a few reasons to get our heart rate pumping. Finding ways to incorporate regular exercise into a busy lifestyle can be challenging, especially for those with full-time jobs that include long hours with limited movement, but a desk bike may be a fitting solution. Desk bikes are stationary bikes that let workers move as they work, helping them boost their heart rate during long stints of sitting during the day. The Acer eKinekt BD3 is an all-in-one desk bike packed with features to make the working day more exciting. With the Acer eKinekt BD3, riders can use their pedal power to produce kinetic energy and charge their phones and devices, providing additional motivation to pedal faster. Get more movement in your working life with the Acer eKinekt BD3.

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