Acer Halo and Halo Swing: The Must-Have Smart Speakers

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Whether we are celebrating a win or enjoying a chilled Friday night, finding the right music can create the right ambiance to match our mood. Many people choose to play music, a podcast, or chat with friends through a portable Bluetooth speaker rather than a laptop or other device to achieve higher volumes and sound quality. The portability of such speakers means we can play our favorite playlist on a cellphone or other device in one room and listen in another without wires.  

What is a smart speaker and virtual assistant? 

Portable speakers bring convenience and connectivity to our lives. As with other pieces of technology, how we listen to music, the news, or even our favorite cooking recipes is evolving fast. Smart speakers are voice-controlled devices that combine the convenience of portable speakers with the capabilities of a virtual assistant. These smart speakers respond to spoken commands like a request to play a specific song or answer a question. Smart speakers use Bluetooth connection and voice recognition technology to process voice commands, turning the device into a virtual home assistant.

Smart speakers capture sound from the surrounding area via microphones that are activated upon hearing prompts or wake words. Some well-known wake words include “Alexa” or “Hey Siri,” depending on the service provider and device used. Once the device is activated, it will start recording the request and send it to a cloud-based database for processing, using AI algorithms to generate an appropriate response. These responses are then converted into speech and played back through the speaker to answer the user’s request. Smart speakers with virtual assistant technology let users conveniently access information without opening a laptop or other device.  

The decline of smart speakers  

Despite their inherent convenience, the popularity of smart speakers has fallen recently. One reason may be the impact of rising living costs as consumers tighten their purse strings and focus on purchasing necessary items instead. In addition, experts say that smart speaker users tend to stick with older devices and do not upgrade them according to new trends as they would with other technology like a smartphone.

Privacy concerns are also a major aspect influencing smart speaker purchases. Although smart speakers do not continuously record audio, they sit tight and listen for wake words to provide instant responses to requests. Once the novelty of having a virtual home assistant wore off, many users became increasingly aware that devices were always on and listening. As such, consumers have become more selective about the type of technology they allow into their homes. 

Will artificial intelligence help smart speakers make a comeback? 

From chatbots to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics right now, and the opportunities for it to seep into every aspect of our daily lives are endless. The decline of smart speakers has led tech giants to think outside the box, and AI is expected to revive its popularity as a logical next step. Google Gemini is an example of versatile technology that uses data from text, code, images, and audio to answer questions. Integrating generative AI models like Google Gemini into smart speaker technology can enhance their capabilities and make them even more useful. Generative AI is based on the latest large language models and can access more data and algorithms than previous technology. When coupled with smart speakers, generative AI can provide more accurate responses to queries and be more effective for users. Combining generative AI technology and smart speakers may make them more attractive to new and existing consumers, thus enhancing sales. 

Acer smart speakers 

Acer’s smart speakers are compact and stylish, adding a splash of technology to any room. Rather than taking the spotlight, Acer’s smart speakers fit perfectly into home or office environments, providing outstanding acoustics and sound quality.  

Acer Halo  

Powered by Google Assistant, the Acer Halo smart speaker is a colorful addition to rooms of any size. The device includes DTS Sound™ and domed waveguards with 360° audio projection dual far-field mics, so it can pick up user requests from any angle. It also features customizable LED lights and a night light option, offering warm and soothing lights to set the scene for any mood.

Acer Halo specifications: 

  • Neodymium magnet and rubber enclosure for enhanced sound quality 
  • 20mm silk dome tweeter for crisp, clear vocals  
  • Ribbed radiators for detailed audio, decreased vibration, and lower distortion 
  • Powered by Google Assistant  
  • Connected with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 AC) and Bluetooth® 5.0 
  • Two far-field omnidirectional mic arrays; 1 x 3.5-mm audio jack  
  • Customizable LED display and RGB-lit base that reacts to music 

Acer Halo Swing 

The Acer Halo Swing is portable, powerful, and the perfect addition to any room. Its sleek design gives users the option to rest it on the transparent USB-C charging dock or attach it to a detachable leather strap. The Acer Halo Swing is waterproof and offers high-quality audio with crisp vocals and instruments. Moreover, the Acer Halo Swing lets users control smart devices with their voice through the omnidirectional far-field mic. 

Acer Halo Swing specifications: 

  • Omnidirectional DTS audio  
  • Powered by Google Assistant 
  • Connected with Bluetooth 5.2, and Wi-Fi 6  
  • Enables device linking through Google Fast Pair  
  • Customizable LED display 
  • Portable IPX5 water-resistant design  
  • USB port and dock charging options 
  • Up to 8 hours of portable music from a single charge  

Privacy is at the core of both Acer smart speakers. Users can mute the microphone with the push of a button for additional peace of mind.  


Portable speakers are convenient and let users listen to their favorite audio from any room. However, the recent decline in smart speaker popularity and consumer reluctance to upgrade to a newer technology means companies must think of creative ways to remain competitive. Smart speakers with integrated generative AI can provide more accurate search results, creating a new generation of voice-assisted technology. The Acer Halo and Acer Halo Swing are excellent additions to any room in the home or office and can be linked to other smart devices via Google Assistant. Discover a new generation of smart speaker technology with Acer.

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