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Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular as a way to avoid seemingly never-ending traffic jams and long commute times. Moreover, with an increased focus on sustainability and reducing Co2 emissions, more and more people are now choosing to ride an electric scooter instead of driving a car.

Many countries hope to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through initiatives like environmentally friendly electric scooters. Acer’s range of lightweight electric scooters is designed with sustainability in mind and includes many additional safety features. The AI-driven e-scooters are a great addition to modern urban living and make sitting in inner-city congestion a thing of the past. They also feature a fast-charge motor to help ease commutes without worrying about its next charge.  

Why should you buy an eScooter?  

eScooters are cheaper and more convenient alternatives to traditional modes of transport. Here are some reasons why buying an eScooter is a top choice for commuters, city dwellers, and the environmentally conscious.  

  1. Low-cost: Using an eScooter instead of a motor vehicle lets riders avoid fluctuating gas prices and road tax charges. Moreover, as electronic scooters are foldable and easy to store, riders do not have to pay for parking. Riders can also save on insurance, motor service, and maintenance fees. 
  2. Saves time: Hitting rush-hour traffic is frustrating and difficult to avoid when driving a vehicle. eScooters can help save time on the road, as riders can take shortcuts or back roads to their destination. They can also save time finding suitable parking and waiting in gas station queues. 
  3. No emissions: Electric scooters are run on batteries, so they do not emit harmful gases that pollute our surroundings. They are also quieter and can help reduce annoying traffic sounds and noise pollution. eScooters are an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact and help contribute towards a greener planet. 

What makes Acer eScooters unique? 

Electric scooters are nothing new, so what makes Acer’s electronic scooters so special? An electric scooter designed by a computer company mixes a unique combination of technical knowledge and sustainable transport. With that, the range was born. Acer’s electric scooter range comes with a mobile application that offers riders a plethora of information on the go, including recommended routes, riding speed, and auto-lock settings. Riders can even check the scooter’s battery life for additional peace of mind.  

Acer eScooter features 

With optional mudguards, water-resistant protection, and wide rubber tires, riders are covered for all weather conditions. Front, rear, and side lights make the electric scooters suitable for nighttime riding, so riders can be safe getting home after an extra few hours at the office or an unexpectedly long chat with friends. They are foldable and easy to store, which is perfect for commuters who combine road time with train or bus travel.

Acer’s range of eScooters  

The Acer ES Series consists of four outstanding electric scooters for adults. In alignment with the motto Keep Moving, these three eScooters ooze freedom and movement.  

1. Acer ES Series 1  

The Acer ES Series 1 eScooter weighs just 11kg (24lb.) and comes in an array of bright colors. It can last a maximum of 23km on a single charge, making it perfect for inner city commutes or running errands. Three changeable speed modes let riders switch between cruising casually at 6km/h, commuting to work at 10km/h, or faster riding at 20km/h.  

2. Acer ES Series 3 

Weighing 16kg (35lb.), the Acer ES Series 3 is a foldable eScooter designed for maximum portability. The eScooter can last 25-30km on a single charge and is suitable for longer rides or commutes. An integrated front light illuminates paths ahead for additional safety at speeds of 6km/h, 10km/h, or 25km/h.  

3. Acer ES Series 5 

At 18.5kg (41lb.), the Acer ES Series 5 is a hardy companion for riders navigating urban jungles. The powerful battery can last up to 60km at 6km/h, 10km/h, or 25km/h on a single charge, and front and rear suspension provide additional comfort on longer journeys. 

4. Predator Extreme PES017 

Although suitable for city commutes, the Predator Extreme PES017 also accommodates adventurous riders who explore trails off the beaten path. It can handle speeds of 32 km/h on a single charge and is suitable for different terrains thanks to its 40nM torque that can navigate inclines up to 18%. 


Electric scooters are more than just a gimmick — they are environmentally friendly modes of transport that let riders glide through traffic. Regular commuters can reduce the time spent waiting in traffic jams and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by riding an electric scooter. By purchasing an eScooter, riders can also save money they would otherwise spend on motor services, parking, and insurance. Acer’s range of electric scooters for adults is packed with nifty features designed to ease commutes and the burden on our planet. These lightweight and portable eScooters are easy to store and give users a renewed sense of riding freedom. Be sure to check local laws to ensure that your choice of electric scooter complies with local ordinance and age restrictions.

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