Best Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Browsing in 2024

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Proxy servers stand between users and the internet. They are specialized servers that act as an intermediary between users and the websites they browse. Web traffic flows through the proxy server to the selected web address, then returns through the same proxy before it forwards the data received to the user. Although it may appear that proxy servers do little more than forward web requests, they have additional functions, too. Proxy servers are also firewalls and web filters, protecting users from inappropriate or dangerous websites. Proxy servers can safeguard a user’s web address or block access to certain pages to boost privacy and safety.

Proxy servers require an Internet Protocol (IP) address, similar to a personal street address. Just like letters are to a person using their address, the internet also sends data to a computer using the IP address. Proxy servers have their own IP address, which is known by the computer. Requests to access a website are forwarded to the proxy server, which collects the response from the web server and directs the web page information to the user.

Here, we take a look at the best proxy servers for 2024.  

1. Tor 

The Tor browser, short for “The Onion Router,” is run by a team of volunteers and preaches anonymity and privacy for users. It encrypts and forwards information across the internet using an IP address specially assigned by Tor, making our online activity unintelligible. Moreover, Tor prevents others from watching what we do online and isolates each website, making it difficult for third-party trackers and ads to follow. For added privacy, all cookies and browsing history are deleted after use. 

Free version: Tor is 100% free 

Paid version: N/A 

2. Webshare 

Webshare proxy servers offer speed and anonymity with different plans for users to choose from. The proxy servers are optimized to avoid detection techniques like DNS leaks and open port scans. It automatically scans and prevents websites from detecting a user’s identity in real-time and never shares information with third parties. Users can select a package depending on their budget and requirements, giving them ultimate control over anonymous web browsing.

Free version: Permanent free plan with 10 proxies 

Paid version:  

  • Proxy Servers – Starting at $0.05 per proxy 
  • Static Residential – Starting at $0.22 per proxy 
  • Residential Proxy – Starting at $4.5 per GB 

3. Oxylabs Residential Proxies 

Oxylabs Residential Proxies is a large proxy provider with over 100 million IPs in their residential networks. Renowned for being the fastest proxy server available, it lets users power their web scraping activities by rotating residential proxies worldwide. These residential proxies are backed by patented technology, enhancing speed and reliability while identifying cybersecurity threats. Users can choose between HTTP, fully encrypted HTTPS, or the SOCKS5 protocol.

Free version: One-off free trial available 

Paid version:  

  • Residential Proxy - Starting at $10 per GB 
  • Mobile Proxy - Starting at $22 per GB 
  • Rotating ISP Proxy - Starting at $340 per month

4. Bright Data 

Bright Data offers a range of proxy solutions for different user requirements. It has acquired over 350 million unique residential IPs since 2016 and targets any country or carrier. Users can enjoy enhanced stability with 99.99% residential proxy uptime and a real-time network status monitor. This user-friendly proxy server lets users manage their IPs from a control panel, allowing them to customize their settings for enhanced control.  

Free version: Free trial available 

Paid version:  

Residential Proxy - $8.40 per GB, Pay As You Go

5. Hide My Ass  

Hide My Ass (HMA) is the world’s largest VPN network, with over 290 countries to choose from. HMA lets users keep their information private from hackers or prying eyes and utilizes an IP shuffle that randomizes IP addresses to avoid trackers. It is a certified no-log VPN and does not log user information or online activity. HMA offers a Smart Kill Switch, which automatically turns off the user’s internet if their VPN connection drops, ensuring that user information does not get leaked.

Free version: Free trial available 

Paid version:  

  • 5 connections $2.99 / month for 36 months 
  • 5 connections $4.99 / month for 12 months 
  • 10 connections $5.99 / month for 36 months 
  • 10 connections $6.99 / month for 24 months 

6. lets users surf the internet privately while disguising their real IP address. This hides their location and prevents ISPs from spying on their online life. It also protects internet connections by encrypting data, letting users safely access the web regardless of their location. does not store online activity logs, meaning users can surf the web anonymously. The integrated SmartGuard feature also guards against malware, tracking, ads, and phishing threats, ensuring top protection and peace of mind.

Free version: Free plan available 

Paid version:  

  • $2.59 / 27 months 
  • $4.99 / 12 months 
  • $9.95 / 1 month 

7. SmartProxy 

Offering flexible sign-up and payment options, SmartProxy offers quality infrastructure for a range of uses. It lets users bypass CAPTCHAs, geo-blocks, and IP bands and offers over 65 million proxies from multiple locations. SmartProxy enables complete anonymity by offering residential proxies that are routed through real devices, meaning they are unlikely to be banned. Moreover, they are extremely fast and reliable, offering all-round anonymity speed in a single service. 

Free version: Free trial available 

Paid version:  

  • Residential Proxies - from $4 / GB 
  • ISP Proxies - from $2.67 / IP 
  • Mobile Proxies - from $6 / GB 

8. AnyIp 

AnyIP offers over 100 million residential and mobile IPS with a 99.5% success rate. To make anonymity accessible for all, AnyIP mixes residential IPs with 4G IPs to ensure low-cost proxies for all budget sizes. It is user-friendly and boasts simplicity for users, allowing them to access their usage stats, data consumption, and requests via a streamlined dashboard.

Free version: Free Micro Plan trial available  

Paid version:  

  • Micro Plan - 5GB bandwidth for $25 / month 
  • Basic Plan - 20GB bandwidth for $80 / month 
  • Pro Plan - 100 GB bandwidth for $300 / month 
  • Enterprise Plan - 500 GB bandwidth for $1000 / month 

9. VPN Book 

VPN Book is 100% free and survives on donations, offering the most advanced cryptographic techniques to keep users safe from prying eyes and hackers. It hides IP addresses without additional software, making anonymity and privacy accessible to anyone. Users can also choose from multiple proxy server locations such as the US, UK, and Canada, giving them the freedom to choose how they surf.

Free version: VPN Book is 100% free 

Paid version: N/A 


Users want privacy and protection from potential hacking or cybersecurity attacks. Proxy servers ensure anonymity without leaking personal user information or logging their online activity. Our list of the top proxy servers for 2024 includes the most cutting-edge technology and features available for all budgets, prioritizing accessibility, privacy, and anonymity over cost.

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