10 Must Attend Gaming Conventions in 2024

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Gaming conventions are gatherings or events dedicated primarily to the world of gaming. They’re where gaming communities, developers, publishers, and fans converge to celebrate, showcase, and experience the diverse universe of games. From video games to board games, role-playing games to esports, gaming conventions can encompass a wide range of genres and formats. If you’re looking for fun and exciting events to attend in the next year, here are 10 of the biggest gaming conventions coming up in 2024 to look out for.

1. Copenhagen Gaming Week: Jan 12–14, 2024

Copenhagen Gaming Week is a new international gaming festival that will unite all aspects of gaming and esports in the Danish capital. Gamers will be able to level up on futuristic tech, current trends, and retro classics while connecting with like-minded individuals who share their passion for gaming. The inaugural Copenhagen Gaming Week will be held on January 12–14, 2024. Thousands of spectators and fans are expected to visit this event to watch esports tournaments, including those for Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and Warhammer. Plus, cosplay activities and lots of other events will be happening. During the week, four distinctive realms will be featured that are each tailored to different core segments of the community. These are Superfans, Esports Arena, Urban & Sport, and New Generation. 

Location: Bella Arena & Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Super MAGFest: Jan 18–21, 2024

MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival, originally the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Festival) is an annual festival held in the Washington metropolitan area that celebrates video gaming, music from video games, and the overall culture of gaming. MAGFest’s standout feature is its console hall, which is open 24 hours a day and houses more than a hundred televisions and attached game consoles, with guests invited to play at will. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own controllers or fighting game pads to this hall to compete with. MAGFest also features concerts by chiptune artists and video game cover bands and a bring your own computer LAN party. 

Location: Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD

3. Taipei Game Show: Jan 25–28, 2024 

The Taipei Game Show, organized by the Taipei Computer Association, is a popular annual gaming event that attracts hundreds of thousands of gamers from all over the world. The event started in 2003 with just a few thousand visitors but has since grown to become Taiwan’s largest gaming exhibition. The goal of the Taipei Game Show is to provide a platform for both domestic and foreign game developers and publishers to showcase their work and offer the best gaming experience to attendees.

Location: Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan

4. Game Developers Conference: March 18–22, 2024

The Game Developers Conference is a professional development conference for video game developers. The conference features talks and workshops on a variety of game development topics, as well as an expo hall where developers can showcase their games. Visitors can expect to learn from the best and brightest in the game development industry and see the latest and greatest game development tools and technologies. 

Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA 

5. PAX East 2024: March 21–24, 2024.  

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is a series of gaming conventions held in multiple cities across the United States. These events are organized by the creators of the popular webcomic Penny Arcade and cater to gamers of all genres. PAX East is the East Coast version of the convention. Visitors can expect to see the latest and greatest games, as well as attend panels and workshops on a variety of gaming topics. PAX East is known for its vibrant cosplay scene, and there are always some impressive costumes to be seen. 

Location: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA 

6. Gamescom 2024: August 21–25, 2024

Held in Cologne, Germany, gamescom is the largest gaming convention in Europe. It attracts a massive crowd of gamers, developers, and other industry professionals. Here, you can get your hands on the latest games, try out virtual reality experiences, and attend panels and discussions featuring industry leaders. Gamescom is a truly immersive experience for all gaming enthusiasts. 

Location: Cologne Fair (Koelnmesse), Cologne, Germany

7. PAX West 2024: August 30–September 2, 2024

PAX West offers a unique combination of video games, tabletop games, and consoles. It’s famous for its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, creating a sense of camaraderie among attendees. PAX West is also known for hosting panels, tournaments, and live performances that showcase the culture and diversity within the gaming community. 

Location: Seattle Convention Center, Seattle, WA

8. Tokyo Game Show 2024: September 26–29, 2024 

For those interested in the Japanese gaming industry, the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is a pilgrimage. Held annually in Tokyo, this event attracts both local and international attendees. Held over four days, the first two days of the event are open solely to industry professionals, with the second two days being open to the general public. The TGS showcases the latest releases from major Japanese game developers, offering a sneak peek into the future of gaming, and is a great opportunity to explore the vibrant Japanese gaming culture, purchase merchandise, and more. The TGS also attracts hundreds of cosplayers. These people, who are passionate about gaming, are an integral part of the event, helping to make the atmosphere entertaining and colorful. 

Location: Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan

9. BlizzCon 2024: No schedule yet 

BlizzCon is an annual convention for fans of Blizzard games, which include World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo. The show features new game announcements, panels with developers, and a lot of Blizzard-themed merchandise. Attendees can explore the latest game updates, participate in tournaments, meet developers and voice actors, and enjoy live performances. They can also expect to participate in cosplay contests. BlizzCon captures the essence of the Blizzard community, making it a must-attend event for fans of their games. 

Location: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

10. The Game Awards 2024: December 12, 2024

Technically not a convention, but still a gathering of passionate gamers and developers, the Game Awards is an annual event that recognizes outstanding achievements in the video game industry. The event is widely considered the most prestigious awards show for developers and publishers, and random celebrities are often invited on-stage to make announcements and present awards. The event also showcases game trailers for upcoming games and gives spokespeople from upcoming games an opportunity to talk to audiences about what they’re developing. The event’s 10-year anniversary was held on December 7, 2023, where Baldur’s Gate 3 was crowned Game of the Year and also won in several other categories. Surreal horror adventure Alan Wake 2 also performed well, picking up a number of awards. Some of the folks who were on stage at the event in 2023 were actor Timothée Chalamet, musician Zedd, and Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella. Next year’s show is likely to be every bit as exciting. The show is usually held on the second Thursday of December.

Location: Peacock Theater, Los Angeles, CA 

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