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As the tech industry continues to evolve, it’s greatly impacted by a world that’s more environmentally conscious and focused on sustainability. Indeed, an increasing number of consumers are telling tech companies they want green tech that supports environmental consciousness. And Acer is proud to lead the way in green PCs and show our industry how to move forward in a more sustainable way. 

The world of green PCs and sustainable computers is changing at a rapid pace. New technologies are emerging, new techniques for manufacturing products are developing, and companies have found new ways to appeal to consumers and companies that want environmentally friendly technology. 

But even as companies realize the importance of green technology, the sustainable PC market is hardly understood and difficult to navigate for the average consumer seeking a green computer. 

To help address some of those issues, we’ve compiled the following guide on what it takes to be a truly green PC. From recycled plastic to sustainable keyboards, there are some key features you should keep in mind as you prepare to buy a green computer. 

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What is a green PC? 

Green PC is the catch-all term for a new line of desktops and laptops that offer sustainable features and components designed to reduce their carbon footprint and promote an eco-friendlier world. 

Historically, environmentally friendly computers were difficult to produce. Their components failed to hold up to green standards and the pace of innovation was so slow that consumers often chose to buy new machines rather than upgrade what they had.  

But in recent years, green PCs have become reality because of the opportunities now presented in manufacturing and innovation. Acer has invested heavily in our Vero line of products that feature sustainable components and a host of features designed to reduce their carbon footprint during use.  

There’s plenty of work left to be done to make green PCs as environmentally friendly as they can be. But if you’re someone who wants to invest in technology that makes strides towards reducing harmful carbon emissions and promoting green features, now’s the time. 

An eye on recycled plastic in your sustainable PC 

 It’s no secret that plastic is harmful to the environment, but green PCs usually come with as much recycled plastic as possible. That’s important. Recycled plastic allows us to build machines from materials that have already been in use and reduce the amount of new plastic impacting the environment. 

But the devil is in the details. True green PCs don’t solely use recycled plastic; they use post-consumer recycled plastic that has been reengineered to reduce landfill waste. 

Acer’s Aspire Vero uses 30% post-consumer recycled plastic across the top and bottom covers, screen bezel, and operating surface. 

PCR keyboards in a green PC 

The keyboard is one of the other major components in any laptop. But keyboards have historically been hurtful to the environment because of their heavy reliance on plastic and other harmful materials. 

A green PC, however, usually comes with a post-consumer recycled plastic keyboard. By using PCR technology, we can reduce landfill waste and promote a stronger, healthier environment.  

In our Aspire Vero, 50% of the keycaps are made with post-consumer recycled plastic. 

Reducing carbon emissions with green tech 

One of the key ingredients in any green PC is the substantial reduction in carbon emissions realized by consumers buying and using the devices. A green computer’s use of recycled plastic reduces carbon emissions by reducing waste.  

Acer was quick to realize that the more we buy new computers, the more waste we create. So, Vero PCs were designed with upgraders in mind: they feature standard screws, making it easy to open the laptop and replace parts to reduce harmful waste. 

One other consideration: green PCs generally ditch the paint. It may sound like a small feature, but nixing paint in green laptops goes a long way in reducing the impact volatile organic compounds have on the environment. 

Putting numbers to eco-friendliness 

Our work on green PCs has only just begun and we’re committed to doing our part. That’s why, by 2025, we’ve pledged to:  

  • Reach 60% renewable energy and 100% renewable energy by 2035; 
  • Reach 30% recycled plastic in core products; 
  • Ensure 80% of our suppliers are committed to RE100; 
  • Consume 45% less energy in our core products. 

Learn more about Acer’s commitment to the environment and green PCs.


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